Questions to Ask Your App Partners Before You Integrate Your POS


Even the largest restaurant chains use app partners to keep up with customer demands for streamlined reservations, loyalty, online ordering and more. But connecting any outside app to the machine at the core of your business comes with risks. We’ve worked hard at Omnivore to create a platform that decreases those risks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence.

Here are some questions you can ask so you can avoid a few red flags and make the best partnerships possible for your restaurant business.

Will your app work with our _______ partner?

If you have any existing app partners, you’ll need to know if they’ll be able to work together or not. Will there be any conflicts? Can the apps work together and share data or will you need to find work arounds for your management and staff?


How does this affect our in-house development?

If you have any in-house development, you’ll want to make sure that your app partners can work with them to create a holistic ecosystem. Many restaurants combine third-party restaurant apps with in-house development. Of course, this may require paying more for development support – a reasonable expense to plan for.


How does this affect future development if we decide to offer _______?

Lately, restaurant tech must-haves include EMV payments and online/mobile ordering. In the next few years, you’ll likely add on other services such as integrated loyalty programs, table reservations, or multiple delivery services.

With that in mind, some app partners may require a contract locking you into their services, excluding other partners. If so, are they offering everything you’ll need for the foreseeable future? Will adding future services be a relatively simple process or will you need to pay for another lengthy POS integration process?


Will this slow down my POS system?

You’ll definitely need to test to make sure that any partnerships don’t slow down your speed of service. Also, what this question really asks is how much any third-party development will affect your system. People are happy with technology if the end result is looks good, but the more complexity you add to the system underneath, the harder it is to troubleshoot when something breaks.

Technical issues cost money and every second counts, but don’t worry – there are ways to do POS integration without cluttering your systems with third-party code.


Future-proof your restaurant

We’ve gathered these questions based on the experiences our customers have had before finding solutions that worked for them. Hopefully by asking the right questions, you can find the app partner that is best for you and shortcut the time it takes to get your ideas to market. For a curated selection of app partners for all your restaurant needs, check out our App Marketplace.