Profitable Restaurant Management Begins Here

QSROnline’s responsive INVENTORY & FOOD COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTION will help you create and maintain detailed recipes to accurately compare what you’re spending to what you’re selling, and pinpoint potential problem areas like improper portioning, counting errors, employee theft, and waste, that may be causing variances.

Eliminate manual invoice entry with automated vendor invoices and always keep your recipes and vendor expenses up-to-date. Throw away your clipboard for the latest digital sheet-to-shelf count sheets with QSROnline’s mobile Inventory Counting App. Make inventory counting simple and efficient with multiple users counting at a time and automatic sync to the online program.

QSROnline’s ENTERPRISE REPORTING SOLUTION pulls daily sales, product mix, employee details and payroll hours from your POS system each day, generating a variety of in-depth sales, food cost, labor, trend and comparative reports.

These powerful reports are delivered daily and provide accurate, informative data used for intelligent business planning. Don’t limit yourself to an excel sheet, save time and money through QSROnline’s comprehensive reporting.

QSROnline’s LABOR MANAGEMENT SOLUTION cuts scheduling time in HALF. Color-coded, drag-and-drop labor scheduling paired with automated data tools helps managers create cost-efficient employee schedules.

Historical sales data pulled from your POS system each day allows QSROnline to generate automated sales projections, so that the necessary labor required to support expected sales volumes is properly scheduled.

Employee schedule delivery via text message and email reduces employee excuses and no-shows. QSROnline’s mobile Scheduling App for employees and Managing App for managers open the lines of scheduling communication and make shift trades, time off requests and messaging easy and efficient.

Managers can receive alerts when employees approach overtime, fail to take breaks or do not clock out. Set employee availability to avoid scheduling conflicts, shift trades, and more! Quickly create schedules by copying previous schedules with similar sales projections.

QSROnline’s ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL AUTOMATION SOLUTION eliminates paperwork and hassle. Daily sales totals are pulled directly from your POS system, and along with automated vendor invoices, are imported into your accounting software in seconds, eliminating manual data entry .Labor hours are pulled from your POS system as well for instant import into your payroll software. Plus, sales journal entries are completely customizable to your chart of accounts.

Multi-unit operators can transform a group of restaurants into a unified and secure enterprise network, giving you complete visibility of your restaurant’s finances and cash flow so that opportunities to increase revenue are easily visible.

QSRonline’s Mobile App Suite compliments each of our restaurant back-office solutions for a maximized efficient business on-the-go. Our Scheduling App for Employees and Managing App for Managers work together to keep your staff connected. The Managing App allows managers to see daily rosters, view employee information and contact employees directly from the app. Managers can also post schedules, broadcast messages to the company, approve or deny time off and shift trade requests and view crucial labor reports. The Scheduling App allows employees to view their schedules for up to a two week period, view broadcast messages, request time off, trade shifts and view other employees’ schedules. The Enterprise Reporting App allows owners and managers to view important day-to-day sales and labor reports from anywhere, anytime. The Inventory Counting App allows multiple users to simultaneously count inventory directly into the app, cutting inventory counting time in half without the errors that can come with pen, paper and manual data entry.

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