Postcard from Dubai – Wish You Were Here!

This year’s theme is “Integrate to Accelerate”. PAR recognises that its resellers play a vital role in providing added value that is critical to the success of our customers.

PAR’s International Partner Summit is only a matter of one month away and is already a “sell out” event with overwhelming interest from an array of sponsors as well as the global PixelPoint POS Authorised reseller community.

Why do you think this event has captured the imagination?Location, Location, Location. Hosting the event in one of the world’s most iconic landmarks has proven to be a real hit with staff, sponsors and channel partners alike. Business professionals all spend way too much time travelling and away from their families to attend myriad events throughout the year so the concept behind this event is that it is the one event you look forward to the most in all of 2017. PAR selected Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai as a destination where you can bring friends and families together in a fun, safe and inspiring resort atmosphere, providing a kaleidoscope of lifetime memories.

What makes this event different from previous PAR events?

This is the first event where PAR has brought together PixelPoint resellers from around the International arena rather than an event being concentrated on a single geographic region. So far we have received registrations from 16 countries, with representation from Latin America, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, China & Australia. Although many of the resellers may have already become acquainted with each other at regional events, this is the first time many will have been exposed to the innovative work performed by their peer group overseas. This will help delegates gain different perspectives and seize new opportunities that have proven successful in other regions of the world.

How have you helped PixelPoint resellers attend the event?

Attending far-flung events requires both a financial and time investment and partners often have to pick and choose the wisest use of their hard earned funds. PAR has extended a financial incentive to help offset the investment of each partner’s flight and accommodation. This Travel Assistance Program has proven to be a real hit with PixelPoint resellers.

What is the theme of the event?

This year’s theme is, “Integrate to Accelerate”. PAR recognises that its resellers play a vital role in providing added value that is critical to the success of our customers. During this event we will be taking a deep dive into the key integrations, which make PixelPoint such a comprehensive solution for the F&B industry today. This within the context of an increasingly Mobile First, Cloud first environment. Partner Integrations are key to rounding off the PixelPoint solution with the additional benefit of offering wrap-around local services readily accessible to the customer within their locality.

What is the format of the summit?

It’s hard to avoid a conference without some of the tried and trusted elements, e.g. strategy, roadmaps, networking, vendor fair, wining and dining, etc. These are all extremely important and shouldn’t be dispensed with. Nevertheless, the PAR team is certainly keen to avoid “death by corporate PowerPoint” and intends to instead deliver crisp and succinct messages. There will be a diverse range of presenters on show each with a clear brief to deliver short, sharp and punchy content sections. Moreover, a substantial portion of the content will be delivered by partners themselves with representatives of each geographical region presenting Success Stories in the Speaker Showcase. PAR is also delighted to welcome a globally renowned hospitality brand to share with the group their own PixelPoint user experiences and bring the collective success stories to life!

What roles are the sponsors playing in the event?

The role sponsors are playing in this year’s partner summit are critical. Sponsors have been carefully selected based on their fit with the “Integrate to Accelerate” theme. Each sponsor is required to have an existing integration to a PAR system and a proven channel-centric approach to enable partners the world over to truly take sponsors’ offering to market. PAR also doesn’t see sponsors as cash cows to merely bank roll an event. The entire flow of the event is designed to give sponsors maximum opportunity to educate, circulate and show case their portfolio whilst at the same time ensuring that the offerings are truly meaningful to the resellers and not an unwelcome distraction from other summit activities.

Sponsors have also been offered the opportunity to contribute to a Master showcase demonstration suite encompassing all of the sponsors’ solution. This will enable delegates to witness the seamless integrations that sponsors have developed. We feel that by displaying a holistic integrated suite it will command greater confidence with our partners and promote better engagement. In addition to being utilised during the summit, the master showcase suite configuration will then be ported around PAR’s International offices to promote the integrations and train key personnel on the benefits and features of sponsors’ products.

Any final thoughts for those PixelPoint resellers who haven’t registered to attend the event yet?

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both from a destination and business perspective. PAR has added extra capacity to the event and the registration portal has reopened for any PixelPoint resellers who still wish to sign up to the guest list

The PAR team is convinced that each partner in attendance will repay their travel costs many times over by integrating the extended PixelPoint capabilities from Dubai’s showcase into their regional offering.