Point of Sale as a Service for Restaurants

Yes, you heard that correctly: One solution. One vendor. One easy payment!

Choosing a new POS system is a significant investment. With countless options on the market today, it’s imperative to determine not only that the hardware, software, and services align with your business goals, but that the associated cost and various payment programs align with your financial situation as well.

With Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) taking the market by storm and immersing their footprints deeply into a multitude of industries and market verticals, it only makes sense for the evolution to advance one step further: the technology industry proudly introduces: Point of Sale as a Service (POSaaS).

What exactly is POSaaS you ask? Like HaaS, and SaasSPOSaaS is procurement model similar to leasing or renting. In this type of business model, the hardware belongs to the POS vendor, and is installed in the customer’s site. The software is included in the subscription cost as well, in addition to the services needed. The POS vendor is responsible for all maintenance when issues arise.

Yes, you heard that correctly: One solution. One vendor. One easy payment.

Point of Sale as a Service combines the core systems that keep your restaurant up and running, such as:

  • Cloud POS software
  • Durable POS hardware
  • POS Peripherals (Printers/Cash Drawers)
  • Kitchen Video/Kitchen Display Systems (KDS/KVS)
  • Networking Equipment
  • Payment Devices
  • Integrated Hardware & Software
  • Services
  • Routine Maintenance
  • System Upgrades

We know what you’re thinking: Does it get any better than this?

Why choose POSaaS at PAR?

In addition to the ease of working with one vendor for your entire solution, PAR Technology also offers flexible financing options that are suit your specific business needs.

Our PAR Signature Program provides a simple and streamlined process, to get your new POS platform up and running.

In additon:

  • After the initial installation, your hardware technology is refreshed after a 5-year period, to ensure optimal performance
  • At the end of the 5-year period, new equipment will be installed, while the old equipment is removed and responsibly recycled
  • POSaaS may be considered an operational expense, not a capital expense, which means it could be deducted from taxes each year
  • There are no surprises or hidden costs for repair parts, maintenance or updates

Choosing and implementing a new point of sale solution into your restaurant can be an extremely daunting and expensive task. Point of Sale as a Service provides an alternative way to manage and handle the stress and sizeable costs for your restaurant. Learn more about how to implement POSaaS with PAR today!

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