PAR Technology’s 2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

On behalf of PAR Technology, we are proud to present our 2019 Restaurant Technology Trends report!

In building this report, we reached out to top leaders from companies that provide critical technology and services to the restaurant industry.  The breadth of participation in this report is unique and helps shape an outlook based on a variety of informed worldviews and practical learnings derived from working with both large and small restaurant operations on a daily basis.

In reading through this report, one thing stands out above all – restaurant operators can no longer afford to be technology laggards.  In an increasingly competitive space, it is clear that restaurant concepts must evolve and master technology,  or be lost to the ages.

As a reader, you will gain insights into the trends that are coming and what you can do to navigate them successfully.

Best of luck in 2019!

The State of POS in the Marketplace

As we enter 2019, the single most influential factor to the evolution and innovation of restaurant point of sale technology is the consumer. Like never before, guest experience and customer expectations are shaping how restaurants are using their POS systems to most efficiently run their operations.

What was once a bulky, black box that sat ominously on a restaurant counter-top, the point of sale has now become synonymous with the point of service. It is now expected to be the solution for any frustrations a guest could potentially encounter during their dining experience. Hospitality Tech states, “The next-generation point of sale is being shaped by the call for the POS to be all things for all people.”

With this type of demand heavily placed upon both restaurant owners and technology providers alike, all parties must strategize and act quickly to prepare for the current state of the marketplace.  Restaurant operators are taking the reins and becoming more involved in the selection of technology, as more than 50% of them are testing and researching new point of sale solutions for 2019 and beyond.

Since the point of sale is being deeply driven by the need of consumers themselves, utilizing data to understand customer behaviors and habits, then building customized buyer’s personas to base marketing initiatives off of is vital for operators.  Restaurant technology providers must find a way to aggregate this data and offer innovative ways to present it to restaurants.

In 2019, the POS will act as the proverbial “center of the universe” for restaurants. Adapting to current trends will be essential for the survival of brands.

PAR Technology worked closely with fourteen of our valued partners and industry insiders to collaborate on what trends we feel will most impact restaurants in 2019.

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends ReportIn this report, our experts will elaborate on the most popular trends predicted to affect restaurants in 2019:

  • Consumer’s Demand for Convenience
  • Data
  • Delivery
  • Online/Mobile Ordering
  • Health, Wellness & Localization
  • Universal API
  • Social Media
  • Evolving Technologies
  • Rising Wages
  • How to Prepare for 2019