PAR Pay: Quick, Secure, Efficient

A new customer walks into your restaurant. Within minutes, they’re seated, and they’ve placed their order. You dazzle them with quick service, enthusiasm, and great food. They’re already excited to recommend this new discovery to their friends. You’ve basically made it!

Then it comes time to pay.

For most dine-in restaurants, this is the last interaction the customer has with your restaurant. And at a QSR or fast casual, customers expect a quick and easy transaction. Your payment system can either seal in their positive impression of your restaurant, or… it can sour their experience and make them hesitant to return.

What kind of impression will your payment system make on your customers? Ask yourself a few key questions.

How easy is it for your customers to use? Does it accept card? Chip payment? E-pay? If you don’t offer your customer’s preferred method of payment, and they have no other way to pay, they’ll go to one of your competitors instead.

Is it easy for your staff to use? Innovative technology is useless if your staff can’t use it.

What happens if the internet goes down? Can your customer still pay with a card, or do you awkwardly have to ask them to pay with cash (and risk losing business if they can’t)?PAR Pay for Restaurant POS Software

Is your payment system encrypted? Cloud-based? You’re not just collecting your customers’ credit card numbers (which is already high-risk) – if you have a loyalty program of any sort, you’re also collecting their birthdays, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. Do you feel confident that their info will be safe? If there’s a security breach at your restaurant, you can guarantee your customers won’t feel safe coming back.

Think about how often your payment system updates, too. Does it update automatically, or is it possible that you could be going days, weeks, or months at a time without lending your customers the most security possible?

PAR Pay is easy, flexible, and efficient for both you and your customer. Since it’s device agnostic and utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), your POS software will be able to easily accept all forms of payment. It supports card, chip, and mobile payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal. And even if you don’t have internet, PAR Pay can use store and forward capabilities to accept payments offline.

PAR Pay runs on five different payment devices, and integrates seamlessly with Brink POS and PixelPoint POS . This technology will allow your staff to easily operate your payment system for a great customer experience.

Additionally, PAR Pay is cloud-based and utilizes point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Instead of storing your customers’ high-risk information in a file cabinet or a back-of-office server, your customers’ data will be secured off-premise and inaccessible to those who don’t have the encryption key. And since PAR Pay is Cloud-based, updates occur automatically. This will ensure that your customers’ sensitive data remains safe and you maintain a sense of trust with your customers.

PAR Pay for Restaurant POS Software