Navigating Transformation

Multi-Unit operators in food retailing have a unique challenge: creating consistency in hundreds if not thousands of locations, in different states and in different countries.


The original concept was most likely created in a single location under the control and care of the founder. So, how do you ensure that store #787 at an airbase in Singapore has the exact same guest experience as neighborhood store #1 in Cincinnati, when it’s highly likely that the foreign store is run by a franchisee?

Luckily, this is our world–making sure your unique value proposition is realized operationally across multiple locations. We thrive on this kind of complexity.


Over the years, we have developed a precise methodology to replication, a core recipe if you will. Here are the ingredients:
Scope, Assess, Solution, Schedule, Onboard. Kickoff. Design, Menu Review, Lab Review, Pilot



The key here is alignment of roles, on your team and ours (See graphic). We can help you determine the credentials, qualifications and attributes you’ll need for your team members, and identify any gaps in success. You will have to direct the overall transformation with strong vision and messaging at an executive level, while ensuring the less visible but critical daily details are realized.

Remember that the rollout of a POS Software solution will most likely involve several months. Consistency among team members will be critical.

These projects do not happen in isolation.  Menu items and on-site personnel are dynamic factors.  Dining trends are equally dynamic and you will want to respond to them, which creates yet another opportunity in the design and test phases. You may have other technology upgrades occurring in parallel. The locations themselves might be in flux. We might even be designing and installing a system for stores that haven’t even been built yet.

This is not a “cookie cutter” approach by any means. The technology needs of a six-store franchisee are going to differ vastly from the needs of a single-store franchisee.

Cloud POS trending

Most likely, we will be migrating you from a legacy system to a Cloud POS system. This is a cultural shift. There will be new functionality and information flow you’ve never had before. We can coach you on how to integrate third-party applications and how to take advantage of the increase in data flow and analytics.

There will be hiccups and factors beyond the control of everyone. In this transition, you will most likely notice the high level of direct hands-on support and expertise. We’ll help you get there.

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