Managing Change for Restaurant Point of Sale

Supporting Operations and the Customer Experience

Software engineers organize something called a “sprint,” in order to create new applications quickly. This means new software releases occur daily instead of annually.

If you’ve felt out of breath lately, it might have a lot to do with our Software Society, or Gig Economy, or whatever term that describes these high-velocity workplaces. Yet we still manage our businesses with methods created in the era of mainframe computers and punch card programming.

In order to be responsive to customer needs, competitive pressure and shareholder returns, companies are ramping up responses quickly, and in some cases proactively. This creates tension with operations and service delivery. There is not enough time to communicate and train management and staff on the myriad of menu changes, loyalty program enhancements policy updates and regulatory mandates.

The rate of change is accelerating. How do you quickly translate new menu offerings and policy updates across every operational location/node and guest touch-point? How do you keep “the tail from wagging the dog,” and maintain a steady focus on guest service and satisfaction?

Here is short list of Velocity Fail Points affecting Restaurant Point of Sale :

– Errors in food ordering and preparation and inventory reconciliation.

– Double-work and re-work.

– Staff fatigue and burn-out (resulting in a spike in requests for paid-time-off and unpaid leave)

– Inaccurate sales reporting

– Non-compliance with a multitude of regulations around food safety, data security, menu labeling, food waste and employee protections.

– Brand erosion from unhappy guests instantly creating bad reviews and social media posts, right from the booth or the drive-through lane.

At Partech, we are creating managed services and POS Software which mitigates these velocity pain points. Our team spends a good deal of each day figuring out how to restore operational consistency and increase guest delight.

The time is right to let technology help you address the challenges of technology, with intelligent databases to support menu offerings, promotion and loyalty programs, and corporate initiatives.

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