Make Sure Your Grand Opening is Up to PAR!

Take into consideration numbers and ROI. Everything from a set budget and the perfect date, to how many guests can attend.

When planning a grand opening, all hands must be on deck! From radio stations, the local Chamber of Commerce, community newspapers, social media, and people. It is a great investment to work with a media company to make sure you have reached every channel. This event should be as top notch and fun as your company.

With having an idea, there should always be a goal. For your event, you should take into consideration numbers and ROI. Everything from a set budget and the perfect date, to how many guests can attend, how many ads were placed, and did you reach every social media outlet. This party should not break the bank, but your message should be very clear that there is a new “it” place in town! What can you give away to each person that will give you reoccurring business – something to sample, but something to get them back in the door again!

Create the hype and excitement. Outside of your establishment leading up to the event, there should be a countdown – a constant reminder that the big event is right around the corner. Work with local media companies to help spread the word and create a contest to draw at the grand opening. Think about the overall experience your guests will have at the event and what will make them want to come back. Live music, a red carpet, walking entertainment, family fun and delicious food will help keep the party going long after it’s over.

You want to build a relationship with each person that walks through the door, but that is hard with the hundreds of people expected to attend. Make sure you are well staffed, so your company can create a great experience for your guests. Guests who attend this star-studded event will be the first ones to tell someone about the great food they tried, so make sure they are well treated. You can never be over staffed for a day like this. Think about who on your staff your guest will interact with from start to finish, and make sure each positon is fully staffed, so nothing falls through the cracks – parking attendants, hosts, bartenders, waitstaff, etc. Guests will notice your investment, not only in the restaurant, but to the community you are in, too.

Don’t rush the grand opening! Make sure construction is complete and you have given your company, and staff, enough time to prepare. It is not uncommon for the grand opening to be a few weeks after the stores opening to allow more room for budget and iron-out any glitches. Make sure you identify your audience and that your marketing plan reflects that.

By following these easy and obtainable steps, your grand opening will be one to remember long after the day is done. Now get planning! …. But remember, HAVE FUN!