Lose the Legacy Hardware and Modernize Your Guest Experience

Customer experience is becoming more and more important for today’s restaurant goers. Improved technology is one way to enhance your customer experience.

No more excuses. It’s time.

Time to leave your legacy hardware and restaurant POS software in the past where they belong, and upgrade to a cloud-based POS software solution that is more efficient, reliable, and creates a more modern dining experience for your guests.

Welcome to the Modern Era! (Your customers will thank you)

What’s the Difference Between Legacy and Cloud?

Traditional legacy point-of-sale (POS) systems store data on local servers that run on a closed network – meaning the information can only be accessed where the server is located. Legacy systems require regular manual updating and maintenance, and the storage of important customer data resides on the in-house POS hardware drive.

Cloud-based POS systems are web-hosted solutions that store data on remote servers and provide secure access to your data anytime, from anywhere. Updates occur automatically, and the information is shared instantly across multiple locations.

Why Switch from Legacy to Cloud?

There are many reasons why restaurant owners decide it’s time to ditch traditional POS hardware and upgrade to a cloud-based solution, but they all share one thing in common: it creates a better experience for their customers.

Customer experience is becoming more and more important for today’s restaurant goers. Improved technology is one way to enhance your customer experience. Here’s how:

Cloud Solutions Help Create Loyalty Programs that Rock 

If you are still using a hole puncher and business card to manage your loyalty program, it’s time for an intervention. Not only is it inefficient, but it also makes you look bad! Customers today expect more.

Cloud-based POS solutions can help gather and manage important personal customer data like names, emails, addresses, and can even record preferred meals in addition to managing your loyalty rewards program. This information is marketing gold and can help you turn customers into raving fans when used strategically in your marketing and communications plans.

When managing your loyalty programs, it’s important your customers’ reward point history is available no matter which location they visit. Cloud-based POS system stores this data in real-time, making that information available across multiple locations.

Keep Your Menu Fresh In The Cloud

Before every shift, managers inform servers changes to the menu including daily specials, items that are unavailable, or dishes to promote based on their inventory. Wouldn’t it be ideal for every server to have access to that information in real-time?

No customer wants their server to tell them their favorite dish isn’t available after they have placed their order. Customers also want to hear about daily specials without servers fishing out a crumpled piece of paper to recite the notes they scribbled during the manager’s meeting.

Cloud-based POS systems arm your wait staff with the real-time data they need to sell, and upsell whenever possible, based on inventory. From a management standpoint, updating your menu and alerting your servers happens at a click of a button rather than an in-house meeting. This is crucial for someone that owns multiple locations or simply doesn’t want to travel to work for that reason alone.

Your Customers Expect a Modern Ordering Experience

Unlike legacy POS terminals that only rely on stand-alone server stations, cloud-based POS solutions can support mobile devices like tablets so your servers can send orders straight to the kitchen from their tables.

Now, instead of your servers rushing between their tables, server stations, and the kitchen to manage their orders, they can spend more time talking with your guests to ensure they have the best possible experience. Mobile ordering solutions like these also help turn tables over faster too, which means more money in your pocket.

Cloud-based Solutions Improve the Takeout Experience

Today’s customers expect a more customized experience from traditional restaurants and fast-casual establishments when ordering takeout online. They expect quick access to your latest menu online and an easy way to order, preferably through a portal, so that once they enter a password, their past orders and payment information is already there. These are just a few reasons why online ordering is surpassing phone ordering in the food industry.

Offering a convenient, fast way for them to get what they want from you can open a market of opportunity for your business. A modern POS system can help you maintain customer profiles so with a few clicks they can order a meal with a specific pick-up time.

This makes it easy for your customers and creates a less demanding revenue stream for your business. Offering online ordering and payment options means you just provide the meal for pick-up, and that’s it; you don’t even have to cash the individual out when they arrive! They simply walk in and pick up their meals. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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They Expect Their Information is Secure

A major advantage of modern POS software is the ability to gather and store data. Customers freely give this information with the expectation that it will be kept private.

In the past, legacy POS systems kept this important information on back-office PC servers. These systems were highly susceptible to malware, could be accessed by anyone who got their hands on the password, and were vulnerable to theft and accidental damage.

Cloud-based POS solutions do not store sensitive data on a server in the backroom; that data is immediately encrypted and sent over a secure network to your protected cloud where only designated individuals may access it. Your customers trust you to handle their information with the utmost care and confidence; cloud-based solutions help you do just that.

Customers today expect a modern dining experience from their restaurant experience—don’t disappoint them! Cloud-based POS solutions create unique, secure, and enjoyable modern dining experiences that will keep them coming back for more.