Kitchen Display Systems: What’s All The Fuss About?

Good news: you don’t have to be a franchisee owner, or be a large chain restaurant to implement and benefit from kitchen display systems.

Small, independent operations, in addition to QSR’s, Fast Casual’s, and full table service restaurants can all experience multiple advantages by introducing touchscreen display technology into their establishments.

Kitchen display systems (also referred to as kitchen video systems), are digital menu boards, typically with touchscreen capabilities, that are used in the back of the house to replace kitchen printers and paper tickets. The KDS acts as the communication link between the front of the house and the kitchen staff; displaying the orders that have been placed, and the time of entry. Once an order has been fulfilled, a bumpbar is used to clear the order out of the queue, and close out the ticket. Quick, seamless, and easy.

KDS solutions are transforming restaurants around the nation. Here’s how you can adopt this technology to improve your operations:

  1. Improve Overall Efficiency: Instead of juggling multiple tickets on the line, or in hand during your lunch or dinner rush, allow your kitchen staff to easily keep track of and prioritize orders accordingly. Tickets now appear on screen immediately after the server or bartender enters them into your restaurant POS system. The KDS will also track ticket times, showing managers exactly how long it took the kitchen staff to fulfill an order. This keeps the staff on their toes, and gives managers and operators further insight into their back of the house.
  2. Reduce Errors: With digital touchscreen technology, tickets can no longer fall off the line, be cooked out of order, misread due to messy handwriting, or lost in the shuffle. Nothing is worse than an unhappy customer- eliminate errors such as incorrect orders, cold food, or waiting too long for the meal to arrive. This will not only save on food costs (no more re-making dishes) but it enriches and deepens the customer satisfaction and experience as well.
  3. Streamline Online Ordering: Orders placed online by customers can now show up immediately and directly on KDS screens. With the fast-paced lifestyle expectations of consumers, your kitchen staff can now expedite online orders quickly, eliminating the need for a server or bartender to manually re-enter them into the POS system in order to create a printed kitchen ticket.
  4. Ease of Integration: Kitchen display systems allow for the opportunity to integrate with various 3rd party vendors or platforms as well as your traditional, in-house POS system. As online and mobile ordering continue to grow in popularity, allow your KDS to integrate to your custom app or restaurant website.
  5. Save money: Significantly reduce the amount of paper needed in your restaurant by adopting a kitchen video system. In addition to paper cost, less food will be wasted due to a reduction in mistakes from the lack of communication between the front and back of the house. Since the KDS also allows managers to track ticket time, save on labor costs by eliminating lazy staff, and scheduling your best workers to work your busiest shifts.

Allow your restaurant to experience these awesome benefits by introducing a kitchen display system into your operation!

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