Is your restaurant running you, or are you running your restaurant?

Your store’s performance in the eyes of the customer is only as strong as your weakest manager and how well they follow and enforce your operating standard and routines.

As a 30+ year veteran of the Quick Service Restaurant industry, I can tell you, more often than not, your restaurant is running your managers. Your team functions in a reactionary mode to the crisis of the day or gets caught in short cutting routines and procedures because of other competing priorities of the business. The environment can become exhausting and stressful for your manager and their teams when they function in this manner most often. Worse, we know that your store’s performance in the eyes of the customer is only as strong as your weakest manager and how well they follow and enforce your operating standard and routines.

As a multi-unit supervisor, and general manager, while there were routines in place in my stores, many of those routines were only as good as the people who did them. The checklists and processes in place could be pencil whipped instead of being used as the tool they were intended to be and there was no real way to measure if or how well they were completed. The only real way to follow up on a specific manager’s performance was from customer feedback or to visit the restaurant while they were running the shift.

In the restaurant industry, we have worked hard to leverage technology to increase guest counts, deliver more accurate orders and even create more convenient order points such as Kiosk and Mobile ordering. But we have failed to leverage technology to help our managers run better and more accountable operations, until now. Help to take back control of your restaurant is available from PAR.

PAR’s Surecheck Advantage provides a comprehensive, configurable, and intuitive solution for task management. Any checklist, such as food safety checklists, can be digitized and provide enforcement for completion and reporting (both on demand and scheduled emails). The software is flexible enough to allow configuration for your needs, and powerful enough to provide the compliance you need to ensure the required tasks are completed up to standard. The possibilities are endless, expandable and most importantly, the software is very intuitive.

We know in the restaurant industry, ensuring our food is safe for our customers is job #1. Using Surecheck and remote temperature measuring devices can allow you to automate many of your food safety tasks through the integration of temperature sensing probes. Measuring a recording compliance of Food Safety process is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.

I see real and exciting possibilities for restaurants to use this technology to keep managers focused on running better operations in the QSR space. Ensuring manager get out from behind the front counter and look at their operations from the customers eyes can now become verifiable through location scanning. Restaurant conditions can become verifiable with pictures that become a part of the checklist. Your manager’s performance on any of your required checklists, now becomes available as factual data for their performance ratings.

We have seen great results in QSRs with Automated Food Safety checklists, Travel Path checklists and maintenance checklists. I continue to see opportunity to expand into areas such as planned maintenance, calibrations of equipment, and management of customer incidents through consistent process.

If you would like to explore how Surecheck can help your managers take back control of you restaurant and see how technology can have a real impact on operations, give us a call and schedule a demonstration about how this powerful software can impact your operations.

SureCheck Food Safety Solution