Intel IDF 2016

The theme of the event this year was, “The Future is what you Make” and the products announced highlighted this well.

About this time every year, Intel™ holds their annual Developer Conference in San Francisco.  This is the event where Intel™ makes new product announcements intended to excite their developer community, and this year was no exception! There was record attendance – over 6000 professionals from all around the globe representing all types of development engineers, business executives, technologists, inventors, media, and makers… general, the “Geeks” which I proudly happen to be one of.

I have been attending this event for several years, and I look forward to breaking away and networking with others from different industries to see how they leverage technology and see what I may learn and takeaway to apply to our products.

I have seen the direction of Intel change from the company that was initially known to “power PC’s” to the company that “powers all sort of other things” and continues to highlight and expand where they are heading.  Sure, there were still announcements to the traditional CPU uses in PC’s, but also in lots of other areas, as well.

The theme of the event this year was, “The Future is what you Make” and the products announced highlighted this well.

Products announced this year include:

  • Project Alloy™ – a virtual reality headset that is totally wireless for performance in gaming applications
  • Kaby Lake™ – their newest 7th generation CPU platform
  • RealSense™ – 3D depth cameras that were shown in a variety of use cases including autonomous cars, virtual musical instruments, and machine learning to name a few
  • Curie™ – a small lower power CPU to drive IoT sensor applications and wearables
  • Joule™ – There is a huge effort to get involved in the “maker” movement at Intel with tools and technology to bring ideas to full production and this product will help provide a high end module that can go from prototyping to production quickly.  This module will also drive IoT applications and drone technology.
  • Newest Xeon™ CPU to drive Servers and the cloud
  • Silicon Photonics – this has been in the works for 16 years for use in the cloud/datacenter that is a cost effective alternative to fiber to power the ever increasing data center communications

Besides the keynotes, technical and business sessions, there was also a Technology showcase that showed off some of the new product announcements and included suppliers, as well as, future Intel Lab concept products to view in action.  This includes experimental products, as well as, attempts to create standards in the industry to make it easier for technology to work together.

As I walked around and attended difference sessions, I kept having to remind myself that I was there for business as I viewed all the new technology, toys, and gadgets that I enjoy.  I did walk away with several ideas and concepts to review with the various PAR Product and Engineering teams to see where we may be able to adapt for use in our industry. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!