Integrated Back-Office Systems

Think about your back-office systems, including those used for purchasing, accounts payable, inventory management and recipe and menu engineering.

What do they look like? Are they standalone systems, or are they fully integrated? Do these systems communicate seamlessly with one another? Do some talk to one another, while others can’t? How is data shared among your platforms? Is your team spending hours manually inputting it? Is correlating the data to pull a report also a manual task?

If these questions are uncovering an uncomfortable truth, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to increase your efficiency, eliminate dual keying, simplify workflows, and deliver better business insights.

If you are working with a variety of standalone components for different tasks, you’re missing out on many benefits. These cobbled-together systems are difficult to use; lack the tools to optimize workflows; make accurate reporting clumsy and difficult; and result in error-prone data entry, re-keying, and data-connection issues.

Imagine how that changes when point of sale system software can seamlessly integrate with menu prep, HR, scheduling and purchasing, with data shared instantly among them. Integrated back-office systems help you streamline your operations, remove error, save time, and deliver savings to your bottom-line. These systems help you:

  • See the whole picture: Easy access to correlated data gives you complete visibility into everything happening in your organization, so you can make better decisions more quickly.
  • Reduce the administrative burden and eliminate of errors: Fully-integrated systems ensure that the most up-to-date data flows through the system, strengthening your analytics power and improving overall accuracy.
  • Better serve customers: Automated workflows get your managers out of the back office and into the front of house, where they can better serve your staff and your customers.
  • Track your vendor spend more accurately: Access to full information and insights about your spend helps strengthen vendor relationships and gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of available discounts and rebates.
  • Uncover previously hidden insights: With fully-integrated analytics you can draw correlations from workforce data, purchasing, POS, sentiment data from review sites, presence data and much more.

Regardless of the size of your organization, integrating your back-office systems just makes sense. Examine your current back office components—and then work towards an integration that will allow you to seamlessly link your systems, easily maintain data connections, create automated workflows and reporting, and communicate key findings across your teams. The right technology here will help make this transition as smooth as possible.

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