Improving Your Drive-Thru Efficiency With Your POS System

Since its origin in 1947, the drive-thru has experienced countless upgrades and improvements.

The food and restaurant industry is constantly evolving to satisfy its customers, but perhaps the most significant innovation occurred in 1947 when Red’s Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri opened the first documented drive-thru restaurant. Although the burger joint closed in 1984, it changed the way customers perceived fast food restaurants forever.

POS Systems: The “Fast” in Fast Food

Management in quick-service restaurants soon realized the drive-thru was an efficient way to serve more customers and, in return, generate more revenue. Since its origin in 1947, the drive-thru has experienced countless upgrades and improvements.

Restaurant owners today aspire to improve their drive-thru experience- as an increase in overall experience directly relates to an increase in profit. Most owners are investing in a drive-thru point of sale system to set themselves apart from the competition. Due to the features and functionality of PAR’s cloud-based Brink POS software, this can occur in a multitude of ways.


Restaurant owners view the drive-thru as a revenue-driving tool, while customers relate it to the most convenient way to grab a meal while on the go. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle we are all accustomed to today, the drive-thru perfectly correlates to this trend.

The quick service they experience is a direct result of PAR’s drive-thru POS software, which is specifically designed for fast-food restaurants to enable that speed and reliability. Rather than a pen and pad ordering system, or other slow legacy systems, orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, appearing on kitchen video systems so at a glance, employees are able to quickly and efficiently fulfill requests.

To increase the turnaround time of an order, customers also need a speedy way to pay. Since many prefer to use plastic to make a purchase, restaurants need a fast processing system to complete credit and debit card sales, or new digital forms of payment. PAR’s Brink POS software processes transactions in a quick manner, getting your customers through the drive-thru faster than ever!


You have been craving that certain menu item since 9 a.m. Lunchtime finally arrives and off you go to fulfill that desire. You go to the drive-thru, retrieve your order and rush back to work to clock back in on time. You open the bag only to see that the restaurant got your order wrong. Your stomach is sad. Quick-service restaurants don’t intentionally get your order wrong; mistakes happen. As an owner, these mistakes can hurt your reputation and cost you future earnings. One way to prevent these kinds of mishaps is to install a reliable drive-thru POS system with video confirmation boards. These boards are designed to withstand harsh weather elements and are automatically synced with your POS hardware. Video confirmation boards improve accuracy and reduce waste at the same time; a perfect combination!


Arguably the greatest feature of PAR’s drive-thru POS software is that it plays well with others! Brink seamlessly integrates with hundreds of point of sale hardware devices and other third-party integrated software. No need to switch your customer loyalty program or your online ordering system with Brink. View all of Brink’s integration partners here.

The Future of Quick-Service and Beyond

POS systems are helping businesses with drive-thru windows run more efficiently by enabling the accurate transfer of information to complete a sale. More than a transaction, drive-thru POS systems help create a positive customer experience by helping them purchase exactly what they want, every single time.


PAR’s innovative, Brink POS software keeps customer data safe and secure in the cloud. Restaurants that deploy Brink can effectively integrate with online/mobile ordering and loyalty programs, along with faster software updates. It’s a monthly payment, SaaS model means there are no long-term commitments!