Improve your Restaurant POS’s Order Accuracy

Reducing order mistakes reaffirms customer confidence and helps your restaurant exceed guest expectations.

No matter how much time and effort you invest in creating an error-free environment for restaurant operations, mishaps are inevitable. Putting into practice routine checkpoints with your restaurant POS software to review processes will help to better ensure order accuracy for your patrons.

Order accuracy isn’t just about ensuring customer satisfaction, it’s also more importantly about guest safety. Whether it be a food allergy or sensitivity, clear communication is vital to the safety of your guests and their orders. Taking steps to improve your POS’s order accuracy will better protect your guests and improve the chances of a positive guest experience.

Continuous Staff Training

Your POS software is designed to communicate with your kitchen, but human error can still interfere with this process. Prepping your cooks with consistent, open lines of communication from your cashiers can help to alleviate possible order backups and/or errors. Training your staff on the proper use of your POS system can help better streamline processes, build better communication and overall improve operational efficiency. The POS solution is only as good as those using it, so make sure staff is properly trained and that ongoing training resources are readily available.

Self-Service Kiosks

Free up staff to focus productivity in other areas, by offering self-sufficient options to place customer orders. Self-serving kiosks allow restaurant goers an opportunity to choose and verify their own meal items. Options to alert the kitchen on food allergies or sensitivity to foods can be included by the patron and reduce the risk of a mistyped note from your cashier.

Kitchen Video System (KDS)

Reduce expensive errors and ticket times by implementing a kitchen video system, which manages each order that comes into the kitchen, pacing the items for prep station operation. These KDS solutions provide insight on your kitchen performance and help to optimize your restaurant’s kitchen. Gain transparency on how long items take to be prepped and the time an entire order takes to be delivered to your guests. Kitchen Video Systems help identify those process bottlenecks or staffing issues.

When order accuracy improves, so does your guest experience.

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