How to Use Integrated Biometrics with POS to Save on Labor

Today, business owners trust point of sale (POS) systems featuring integrated biometrics to help manage their payroll.

Do you know the largest cost of doing business, aside from inventory? Here’s a hint: you probably don’t even realize it’s taking money out of your pocket.

That’s right; employee labor costs are a major expense to businesses like restaurants where employees self-report hours worked using traditional point of sale (POS) systems.

As an owner, it’s easy to manage tangible assets like inventory. If stock disappears, you notice. What about time? Do you notice when your employees report inaccurate hours?

It’s Time to Regain Control of Your Payroll!

Today, owners trust point of sale (POS) systems featuring integrated biometrics to help manage their payroll. Why? Because biometrics technology uses physical traits like fingerprints, palm veins, finger veins, and eye irises for individual authentication. This authentication ensures you are paying for time worked, not time scheduled. Instead of an employee clocking in on a POS system using a passcode, card, or PIN number (or having someone else punch these in for them if they are running late for their shift), they place their finger on a sensor. It’s that simple!

Here’s how integrated biometrics with POS can help reduce the cost of labor:

Redefine Stealing

Some employees aren’t intentionally stealing from you. They may not view extended breaks, arriving late, or making an early exit as “stealing” at all. However, those minutes translate to dollars they don’t deserve—and that adds up quickly.

Point of sale systems integrated with biometric technology ensures employees are paid for hours worked. Not only that, managers no longer have to act as wardens, patrolling to see who is late, leaving early, or taking an extra five minutes during their break. With all that free time, they can focus on other things, like finding ways to make your business more money.

Keeps Employees Honest

POS systems equipped with biometric technology eliminates “buddy punching,” and its presence discourages this kind of behavior. According to the American Payroll Association, a business can save up to 5% of labor costs by eliminating buddy punching alone. When employees know their fingerprint is associated with their paycheck, and all their corresponding POS activity while at work, this awareness keeps them honest and motivated to perform well.

Point of sale systems that feature integrated biometrics will save your business money on labor costs by creating a culture of accountability where you pay for employees’ time based on irrefutable data. These systems help regain control of your payroll, giving you more time to grow your business than micromanage your employees’ time.

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