How to Prepare Your Restaurant for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The key to the holiday season is being prepared and organized.

Whether you are battling a blizzard or trying to stay cool in a heatwave, the holidays are around the corner and people still must eat! How can you make your restaurant more inviting to those who are ready to celebrate? Below are the best 6 tips and tricks to get your establishment ready for the holidays that are right around the corner.

Dress to Impress: Not you silly, your restaurant. Bring in the fake snow and start untangling the lights. Create the perfect winter wonderland indoors. Less is more in this case. The outside should be far more decorated than the inside. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the guy next door. Your bright lights and fake snow machine will attract more customers and you’ll find yourself more Merry, Happy and Bright!

Host Every Celebration: Remember not everyone celebrates every holiday. Make sure your calendars indicate a celebration on each eventful day throughout the winter months. Saying hello to 2019 is something to be excited for, as well. Be creative, host lots of holiday parties – and remind your customers that you cater too!

Proper Staffing: People are most certainly in a hurry during the crazy holiday season. The last thing anyone wants to do after hours of shopping, baking, cleaning, etc. is wait! Make sure you have enough people staffed from the counter, in the kitchen and even on cleanup. People appreciate the extra gesture of being attentive. By being well staffed, your customers will have a better experience.

Peppermint Please: It’s time to re-brand your menu for the next few weeks. Add in those winter favorites like Peppermint, Candy Cane, Hot Cocoa and more. By adding these familiar snowy time treats, people will really want to get into the spirit. They are also more likely to tell a friend about their frozen drink or iced coffee that got them feeling excited and rejuvenated for the crazy days ahead.

Gift Cards: These tiny plastic squares can come with a BIG Thank You and reoccurring business. Be sure they are visible and accessible for customers. Remind them that they make for perfect gifts for teachers, friends, kids and more. A wonderful way to start 2019 is with new customers. The perfect gift card will get you there!

Thank You: Prepare your staff for the long days ahead. Make sure everyone’s training is up to date. Try to plan an evening or weekend activity for them and their families before the chaos breaks out and thank your staff. A small token of appreciation will go a long way and soon the 12 hour days will be over.

I hope these exciting and simple tips are enough to get everyone in the holiday spirit, bring excitement for 2019, or even just make you smile. The key to the holiday season is being prepared and organized. Double check your marketing materials, social media outlets and as always…. have fun!

Wishing you and your staff, families and friends a joyful and stress free holiday season followed by a healthy and happy 2019!