How to Make Your Drive-Thru Faster and Safer for Today’s Busy Consumers

Even before the pandemic shifted consumer habits to favor contactless ordering, brands were already rethinking their drive-thrus. Drive-thru wait times had been increasing since the last decade, while restaurants were seeing an uptick in digital orders from consumers who just wanted to stay home and order from their couch.

During the pandemic, drive-thrus took on a new meaning as they became the only way for consumers to enjoy meals and moments from their favorite QSRs and fast casuals besides digital ordering. Drive-thru investments in prior years paid off for many major brands. By 2019, many QSRs had order confirmation boards (OCBs) in at least 70% of their drive-thru locations to improve order accuracy, and Taco Bell lead the way with OCBs in 84.8% of its drive-thrus. With OCBs, customers could confirm their orders were correct before they pulled up to the drive-thru window, allowing team members to save time by fixing orders before they prepared and packaged them.

Now, consumers want a different confirmation: That their orders are not only fast, but sealed, safe and contactless. To help QSR and fast casual operators address these concerns, PAR has expanded its solutions for drive-thrus to include a contactless drive-thru payment extender and Techknow’s standard and wireless drive-thru timers.

Contactless Drive-Thru Payment Extender

The contactless drive-thru payment extender allows drive-thru operators to provide a touchless payment experience to help reduce the transmission of viruses and other contagious diseases. This provides peace of mind for both team members and customers, allowing them to practice social distancing so they can be ready for whatever the future holds.


Plug and Play, Durable Design

This extender has a plug and play, flexible design that accommodates multiple payment devices. Setup only requires the extender and the corresponding adapter plate for your payment device, which locks into the extender’s durable rubber edges for drop and cable damage protection.

Ergonomics to Reduce Staff Fatigue

The lightweight, padded handle of the drive-thru payment extender keeps your team members from getting tired during long drive-thru shifts.

Two Forms of Security in One Product

Safety, in many different forms, is top of mind for consumers – which is why this payment extender is compatible with security locks so operators can comply with PCI best practices while also following the latest social distancing guidelines from health officials.

Download the Contactless Drive-Thru Payment Extender Datasheet to find out more. 

Techknow Drive-Thru Timers

PAR just announced that it is selling Techknow drive-thru timers. To learn more about this partnership, check out the press release about Techknow’s innovative drive-thru timer solutions. Techknow is a drive-thru management solution company that offers both standard and wireless timers to help quick service and fast casual restaurants improve their drive-thru speed of service.

Standard Timers

Standard wired timers use the induction loops you already have at your drive-thru’s detection points. These electromagnetic communications systems alert your team members when a vehicle enters and moves along the drive-thru.

Wireless Timers

LoopTM is the restaurant industry’s first wireless timer and vehicle detector, allowing QSR drive-thru operators to avoid tearing up pavement or brickwork just to place sensors in the ground, which is necessary for the more traditional wired timers. Instead, wireless timers require just a small hole at each sensor location – making them easier to install and less invasive to your drive-thru’s design than the standard wired timers.

Multi-Sensor Vehicle Tracking

Whether they have a single or dual-lane drive-thru, QSR and fast casual operators can use Techknow’s multi-sensor vehicle tracking technology to view dwell time and pull ahead points so they can make impactful decisions in real-time.

Download the PAR/Techknow Datasheet or go to our Drive-Thru Timers Page to find out more.