How to Improve Global Management Through Enterprise POS

Whether you own one store or a few hundred, global point of sale solutions can help manage all your businesses remotely.

It all started with a great idea. A great product quickly followed. After a successful grand opening at your first location, three additional local stores and a handful of out of state openings, your investors now want to expand worldwide. With each additional location, you fear you’re losing control of your brand and business. How can you manage a worldwide expansion?

Whether you own one store or a few hundred, global point of sale solutions can help manage all your businesses remotely, in addition to providing the financial accountability you need when expanding your business.

How Do Global Point of Sale Solutions Work?

Global point of sale solutions handle more than just transactions at checkout. Many contain features to assist with inventory control, task management, marketing, customer data gathering, loyalty programs, and human resource management, to name a few. When operating multiple locations, a global point of sale solution will gather this information from all these sites simultaneously so you can effectively manage your enterprise in real-time.

Enterprise POS solutions can:

Help Manage Daily Operations

As an owner, wouldn’t it be great to personally inspect each of your locations every day to ensure quality? You can achieve that same level of accountability using global point of sale systems.

POS enterprise management solutions allow you to remotely update menus, adjust pricing, check inventory, and manage employees by location or groups. They can support different tax rates, vary prices by location, and support different types of hardware. It has never been easier to create a culture of accountability using global POS!

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

When your brand’s popularity expands across the globe, your customers expect more from their experience. Features such as loyalty programs, gift cards, membership, and on-account programs can help in enriching your guest experience. If you can’t offer these benefits, your competitors are ready to fulfill their needs.

Enterprise POS solutions can help manage these kinds of customer loyalty programs, and enables easy implementation across all locations. Customer data is easily collected, stored, and managed to help promote your business.

Manage your Data  

Do you know how each one of your locations are performing? Since you are unable to physically manage all stores at once, global point of sale solutions allows immediate access to reports and information, giving you the data you need to effectively manage your global enterprise from anywhere.  Provide the latest sales figures instantly or show side-by-side comparisons of locations to your investors in real-time.

Enterprise POS can assist in preventing loss by managing costs from afar. An inventory report will tell what has sold, and more importantly, what hasn’t. For the restaurant and hospitality industry, this kind of reporting helps prevent food waste and the associated costs. For the retail setting, inventory reports can help deter theft and tighten internal controls.

Point of sale solutions help manage global enterprises by providing the real-time information required to grow and manage multiple locations simultaneously. Enterprise POS data helps owners create a culture of accountability, and allows greater control over their brand and business.


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