How To Get People Buzzing About Your Restaurant

Here’s a quick list of ideas to help boost your restaurant’s marketing

As the fast-casual market continues to sky rocket, restaurants are popping up daily. 2018 is the year to stand out. Believe me, I know how busy you are, so to help I’ve put on my creative thinking cap and am sharing these fun and exciting marketing tips to help you get recognized!


  • #HASHTAG! I feel as though no social media post is complete this year without a hashtag. When thinking of how you’re going to create your hashtag make sure you research that it hasn’t been used before. Search all social media platforms before claiming your own trendy motto for 2018. Be creative and unique, but don’t forget the most popular in the food industry such as #foodie #foodpic #nomnom and #goodeats. When creating a post on any social media platform limit your hashtag game to no more than 5 catchy hashtag words. After all you don’t want to clutter up the beautiful picture and post tied to it.
  • Delivery Please. The best way to reach a larger audience is to expand your network. For those busy people who are stuck at work all day, the parents home with kids or someone who just doesn’t feel like leaving the house…make your food accessible. By having online ordering capabilities, you can now serve two customers at once and increase revenue. Considering partnering up with food delivery programs that allow you to just take the order and make the food… they’ll do the rest!
  • Videos. Show people in real-time what they can expect on your menu. No need to give away the family recipe, but it’s a fun way to engage your virtual subscribers and attract more customers… don’t forget the #HASHTAG
  • The more the merrier! How about a whole pizza under an hour? Or a 5lb burger? People love a little competition, right?! By hosting a fun and realistic (kinda!) food challenge this makes for an interesting and unordinary experience. Spice up that dish or make it XL, the choice is yours. Just be sure to reward the patron after they complete the challenge with a gift card to come back or their picture on the wall! Either way they will feel like a superstar and you will have some great marketing material!
  • Bloggers. Invite bloggers into your doors. All those #foodies out there would love to come and try your top of the line menu for free. This is a wonderful way to maximize your exposure to other markets and reach more social media stages. Plus, they take really good pictures of your food!
  • Be LOYAL! Make sure you have a loyalty program in place. People love to be recognized and earn some sort of promotion for visiting your restaurant. Be loyal and make sure your loyalty rewards game is strong! You’ll be surprised how quick guest will return to qualify for that promotion!


Excited to see how you use these tips in marketing your restaurant in #2018!