How to Attract Customers to your Restaurant

2019 is right around the corner!

Now marks the perfect time to develop some marketing strategies that align with this time of year. Consumers will most likely be focused on making lifestyle changes, setting goals, saving money, and getting healthy.

Turn your restaurant into an atmosphere and environment that draws consumers in. Here are some easy ways to create new customers, while simultaneously urging your current clientele to keep returning to your door.

1. Turn Social Media into Your Best Friend: Social media has become the driving force in the restaurant industry. The desire for customers to connect with each other through social networks is abounding, and it’s time for your business to take advantage of the numerous benefits they can offer and bring to your brand!

2. Promote Discounts and Coupons: Offering coupons in your restaurant can be an extremely effective sales tool for increasing your profit. Not only will coupons appeal to your current customer base, they will draw in new customers as well.

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3. Loyalty Programs or Discounts: An effective strategy to keep your customers coming back is to create a restaurant loyalty program. This type of program rewards your best and most loyal customers by offering them discounts on certain meals and drinks. Advertise on your website, in your blogs, and within your restaurants. These strategies will encourage customers to visit your establishments and become a part of the loyalty program. Outlining the rewards these loyal customers will receive is also another tactic to stimulate business. This program will create a steady flow of customers and make them appreciate your desire for their loyalty!

4. Put Your Menu Online: Trying to figure out where you want to go out to eat can be a difficult decision, but when restaurants have their menus online it is easy to see if they have options that interest you. Online menus are easy and accessible, and are often praised by customers who prefer to research their options ahead of time. By putting your menu online, you are increasing the chances of potential customers who can now view your delicious options, and appreciate your online presence.

5. Set Up Ads on Google: When looking up restaurants online, Google is a hotspot. By creating advertisements on Google, you will catch the attention, and appetite, of those hungry people looking for a place to eat! These ads can be displayed not only when people search your restaurant directly, but also when they search for a type of food that your restaurant serves. These ads assist in spreading the word both about your restaurant, and about the delicious food that you prepare and serve.

6. Online Reservations: Making reservations for your restaurant available at the click of a button is a smart way to keep customers coming back. The online approach is often much more appealing to customers, who often prefer using the internet or a smartphone application to make a reservation. By adding this feature to your website, you make your restaurant more accessible and increase the quality of the customer experience.

7. Digitize your Brand: The 2017 Restaurant Technology report states that 57% of consumers now order online. If you haven’t already implemented online ordering, a mobile app, and a loyalty program, you could be missing out on some serious revenue! Provide your guests with the convenience they crave.

8. Use new, fresh photos to attract consumers: take photos of some of your most popular menu options and begin circulating them on your social media platforms. We live in a digital age, where consumers mindlessly scroll through social media until something catches their eye. Nothing brings guests through your doors like a delicious looking, healthy meal!

9. Display the calorie count for your dishes on your menu: Many guests will be using apps to track calories such as My Fitness Pal to reach their weight loss and health related goals after the holidays pass. Set them up for success without them having to sacrifice eating out at your restaurant- so they can still enjoy the experience while staying on track.

10. Add symbols or icons to your menu to showcase healthier options: Placing symbols indicating which dishes are Grilled, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, or Sugar-Free to name a few, is an easy way to visually show guests which options are healthier, without having to add a lengthy description to your menu.

11. Put a new, healthy twist on your menu: Offer leaner cuts of meats with grilling and broiling options, substitute brown rice instead of white, and prepare cocktails and beverages with sugar free syrups or all-natural juices.

12. Offer a gluten-free menu: In addition to the consumers who are gluten free due to dietary restrictions and health reasons, many choose to eliminate gluten in the New Year to align with weight loss, and new lifestyle choices. Advertising a new gluten-free menu can give guests peace of mind in knowing they can dine out stress free, without having to worry about whether or not there is gluten in one of your dishes.

Implement some of these easy tips, and set your restaurant up for success in the New Year, and the years to follow!

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