How QR Codes Improve Restaurant Operations

Though quick response (QR) codes have been around for decades, the pandemic has created the need for a contactless way of interacting with customers that is speedyaccessible, and convenient.

You’ve seen the futuristic barcodes around bars, restaurants, grocery stores, payment devices, and more. Though quick response (QR) codes have been around for decades, the pandemic has created the need for a contactless way of interacting with customers that is speedy, accessible, and convenient. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant owners and operators have been trying to go as contactless as possible to stay open and afloat. From menus to payments, these barcodes have changed not only restaurants but businesses in every industry.  

Here is a look into what businesses have been doing and how you can implement these ideas: 

Direct Mail  

Do you have a loyalty program in place? Does that loyalty program collect data such as your customers’ addresses? Send them a coupon or remind them of a limited-time offer! Including a QR code on the postcard can lead them to your site, an online ordering platform, or a survey.  

Digital Menus 

Many restaurants ditched physical menus to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs. QR code menus are fast, easy, and easily adjustable. Updates can be made directly on your website without worrying about printing out new menus. Want to include nutritional information for your meals? Don’t worry about that taking up space on your menu.  

You can even link your Yelp or Google business pages so customers can leave a review! Read why customer reviews matter here.  

Scan to Pay 

In a world where convenience is key, mobile payments come in handy. Avoiding the hassle of cash payments and taking advantage of pre-paying, customers and staff will save time when making their purchases.  

Customer Research and Development  

Want to learn about your customers’ experience? Why not ask them directly via customer surveys they can scan and submit right from their phone! Apps like SurveyMonkey supply you with vital information about your customers, and they can help provide feedback!  

Stay Connected  

With a simple scan, customers can follow you on all social media channels and stay connected. Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have QR codes to quickly add and follow people by scanning right on their platforms.  

Upgrade Your Operations with QR Codes

QR codes are more interactive and customer-focused, making it easy to give your traditional marketing and paper menus a facelift. Though some platforms will have you pay for some code capabilities, QR barcodes are generally low-cost and easy to use.  

Check out these QR code generators to get started!  

QR Code Generator ( 

QR Code Monkey ( 

Scanova ( 

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