High-Performance Solutions to Optimize Point of Sale Management

We started our business by bringing McDonald’s technological point of sale solutions, and improving the visibility of its financial flows.

Rahi Roshandel, VP of Hardware Development, was interviewed by Neo Restauration, a French publication targeting readers of Commercial Catering, Fast food, Catering, Buyers, and Suppliers of RHD.

Which sectors of activity are affected by the technological systems, solutions and services developed by PAR Technology Corporation since 1978?Rahi Roshandel : McDonald’s was the first customer of PAR Technology Corporation 38 years ago! At the time, all restaurant management was done manually, which led to many errors. We started our business by bringing McDonald’s technological point of sale solutions, and improving the visibility of its financial flows. Since then, we have worked in many sectors and markets in which we have created systems to optimize their performance: casinos, cinemas, hotels, conference centers, theme parks, cruise ships or distribution, and of course, many fast food chains around the world like McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway to name a few.

What do you propose to restaurant owners to optimize their customer experience?

Rahi Roshandel : We have developed different POS software solutions to help restaurant owners, according to their expectations and configuration of their restaurants, to manage all issues relates to the sale. For example, management systems to manage and control employee schedules, digital menus to increase efficiency when taking orders, software to ensure real-time food safety products and dishes, audio solutions to better interact between rooms and kitchens. We also offer a range of tablets (from 5″ to 10.1″) which are the most complete and powerful on the market, all compatible with Windows and Android platforms. PAR tablets offer many options and features to optimize power and efficiency. We offer many resources and possibilities to improve the efficiency of their processes.

What are the specificities and benefits of the Next Generation PAR EverServ® 8000 Series Platform for Restaurants? 

Rahi Roshandel : With the release of the EverServ® 8000 Series, we increased and improved the performance of restaurants. It is a platform that allows many configurations. Small in size and with a modern design, it is particularly economical in terms of energy consumption and offers a long service life. This new platform of PAR Technology Corporation has been available since July 2016 in three models (8100, 8300 and 8500), all of which are fully customizable to meet and adapt to the different needs of restaurant owners.

Laws with regard to food safety are always more and more constraining… What are your solutions?

Rahi Roshandel: Indeed legislation with regard to food safety are becoming more stringent. We therefore propose a whole set of technological control solutions so that catering outlets can have reliable and real-time answers in terms of traceability, safety, hygiene and data management. To prepare for the future, it is time to abandon the pencil and the paper!