Heat up your Social Media this Summer

With the kids out of school, communities holding events and families enjoying outside dining, make sure you are connecting with everyone through social media platforms.

From co-workers, tourist and even your neighbor, everyone likes a nice meal out… the hard part is deciding where to go! Living in an instant world, we are now able to look up menu’s online, reviews and locations right from our phones, so make sure your restaurant is branded over the internet; catching everyone’s attention.

Below are some tips, tricks and ways to stand out.


Refrain from using too much text in your post. People want to see your restaurants ambiance, dishes, menu’s etc. It’s fun to show pictures of not only your fabulous meals prepared, but your dining atmosphere, employee’s, reoccurring guests – hey, even all the cars your parking lot can hold (nothing is worse than driving around looking for a spot!). Don’t be afraid to add a video or go live!


Make your social media fun! Reward your guests for sharing a photo, checking-in or even using your loyalty program. Your restaurant POS software can help you manage all of this! It’s an easy way to give back – plus who doesn’t love free stuff?! No need to go crazy with this one. Just let them know their business is very much appreciated in the competitive restaurant world.


In today’s world reviews are a huge part of any business, especially when they are plastered all over the internet for anyone to see. Be sure to have someone manage commenting back – the good and the not so good comments. People deserve a comment back when they took time to praise your company, staff or recipe, and an explanation as to maybe why they didn’t have the best experience.

Showcase Employee’s

Recognize your employees through social media! It’s fun for your customers when they recognize the waitress that was featured on your cover photo last week. As for the employee, it’s a huge shout out and reward to be recognized, not only to your restaurant, but the community you live in too. You never know who might see that post – or where it will be shared. This can help expand your network and generate revenue too!

Engage your customers

Play fun games, have a contest, ask questions, use the latest trending #hashtag. All these things will keep your social media platform up to date, relevant and creating new followers. Get to know your customers, make them feel comfortable and welcome. Even a simple question like “Where is the closet restaurant of our chain located by you?” You will see comments from different cities and maybe even states! Asking a favor so simple as “Share this post and be entered for a chance to win a free meal” is a great and inexpensive way to engage a more diverse and larger audience.

I hope this helps put a little sizzle to your social media. Remember, make it fun and exciting. Post things you would want to see. Guests will love the feel of your restaurant before even coming in if your online presence is already warm and inviting. Can’t wait to see what you all post next.

Happy Summer!

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