Hardware as a Service – HaaS – Explained

HaaS is an attractive option for new owners that want the latest POS solution for their restaurant but not the risk or capital expense that comes with it.

HaaS…..the latest buzz word to join the industry jargon bank. What does it mean? What is it short for? Why is this term important?

HaaS, or “Hardware as a Service” sounds almost paradoxical- how can something like a tablet or terminal be considered a service?

Hardware as a Service is just as it sounds: customers essentially lease point of sale hardware, such as PAR’s Everserv POS terminals, instead of purchasing them outright. These agreements are typically paired  with a support contract and are appealing for many businesses. HaaS is ideal when budgets are tight, and also ensures that thequality of the system does not need to be compromised.

HaaS: A Perfect POS Hardware Solution for New Business Owners

HaaS is an attractive option for new owners that want the latest POS solution for their restaurant but not the risk or capital expense that comes with it.

Instead, an HaaS solution provides POS technology, IT support, secure cloud-based storage, and POS software for a manageable monthly fee. Now, newer restaurants can leverage the same technology as their larger than life competitors, with some extra cash to help get the business off the ground.

HaaS Solutions Take Care of Updates and Maintenance

When an owner invests in an HaaS plan, they receive both the state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price, and the support required to keep it running at optimal speed. 

Many contracts offer a proactive service model, updating the POS with the latest technology as the business grows.

With HaaS agreements, your system is cared for by your provider, meaning that any IT issue, repair, replacement, or upgrade is handled by the vendor.

You Want a POS Solution That is Secure and Scalable

Scalability and security are HUGE benefits of utilizing Haas. Used POS technology cannot be boxed up and returned for a larger or faster system once your business has outgrown it. When you purchase technology, upgrading your POS hardware means yet again another capital expenditure.

With a HaaS agreement your POS system changes with you, and so does the software and support you need to keep it running efficiently.

This works for Security as well. The more data you gather, the more secure storage your business requires. Data such as loyalty program contact information, sales and inventory reports, and staff information will not be at risk.  With an HaaS solution, you can customize your plan to fit your needs.

HaaS solutions provide the latest POS technology that drives businesses forward and the software and customer support to keep systems running smoothly, all for a manageable operating cost. At PAR, we save our clients time, money, and frustration by providing technology solutions that grow with their business so they can focus on sales instead of micromanaging their technology. HaaS for the win!

With more than 35 years of experience in POS hardware, PAR’s EverServ series provides restaurants with a powerful design able to enhance guest experience through ergonomic positions, and maximize performance with the latest Intel. PAR’s sophisticated platform is offered in various models, including tabletop POS tablets, and all are fully customizable to suit your business needs. PAR provides POS hardware to more than 50,000 restaurants in 110 countries worldwide. To learn more about our EverServ technology, click below!