Get your Kitchen Ready for the Future

Just when you think you have the latest and greatest technology implemented in your restaurant, something new comes out.

Today, you have to always think ahead and be willing to adapt. As everything moves to the cloud, more and more technology is going to be impacted, including how your kitchen operates. POS software is often the engine that drives your restaurants business, so it’s important to ensure you are using it to its full potential and that it can work with new technology.

Mobile & Online Orders – How are they Impacting your Kitchen?

Mobile and online ordering is becoming the norm. However, if not planned for properly, they can set your kitchen back during peak business hours. Customers expect these orders to be ready at the time they select and be just as warm and fresh as if they were dining in, which is why it’s important to set proper expectations for the customer. Promising that an order will be ready in 10 minutes may not be possible during peak hours. Extend the time 5-10 minutes if that means you will be able to provide a top-quality meal. The customer won’t mind waiting an extra few minutes!

Store Layout – Streamlined & Efficient

Last year, Starbucks redesigned many of their stores to accommodate the increase in mobile orders, directing customers to a separate counter. Panera has also changed the design of their restaurants to cater to their online orders with separate shelves where customers can run in, grab their take-out order off the shelf and not have to interact with a single employee. Designing your restaurant in a way that separates online orders from in-store orders can help prevent the kitchen and counter from getting backed up. Separating these orders will also help ensure that pickup customers aren’t waiting in a long line just so they can grab their order.

Data Analytics – Knowledge is Power!

Utilizing the analytics that your restaurant POS software can provide is crucial to determine how efficient your kitchen is. How long does it take for each dish to be made? How many times is the kitchen re-making an order? Are you ordering too much of certain ingredients? Having access to this information can help you continuously improve and perfect the flow of the kitchen, which results in less waste, more happy customers, and more money in your pocket!

Big Data

By just implementing these three steps, your restaurant will be setup for success and ready for the future!