Benefits of SureCheck 10.0

PAR is excited to announce the release of its new SureCheck 10.0!

SureCheck 10.0 possesses advanced functionality that will enhance the user experience when automating food safety and task management operations. Its customized software will allow organizations to personalize checklist workflows to achieve internal food safety requirements. It allows the flexibility to alert users when an observation triggers a corrective action while rich reporting provides information that assists organizations in establishing best practices for food safety and task management.

Food retailers need to monitor food storage, preparation and display temperatures in multiple places throughout the store including deli, dairy, meat, freezer, bakery and produce sections. These temperature records are required to be recorded and maintained for up to 2 years to meet the FDA’s HACCP standards as set out under the FSMA requirements. Most food retailers also have their own company regulations and compliance standards that must be adhered to. These records must be easily accessible to both the store and the headquarters for both the internal and food safety inspector audits.

SureCheck 10 Featured

Key Features of the release include:

  • Offers an easy-to use application, especially built for mobile devices (Android and IOS)
  • Provides customized software that allows you to personalize checklist workflow
  • Ability to capture photo/video proof with notes for accurate recordkeeping
  • Allows the flexibility to alert one or more users when an observation triggers a corrective action
  • Auto-Advance Checklist capabilities for a more rapid workflow
  • Unique schedule capabilities for checklist that span outside a 24-hour period
  • Real-time shared view of checklist progress available for more than one user

SureCheck 10.0’s new features will allow food retailers to enhance their food safety programs while ensuring government regulated compliance standards are met and food safety is at its pinnacle.

SureCheck Food Safety Solution