Food, Fireworks and FUN!

Gear up for 4th of July… Red, White and Blue Style!

Is your restaurant ready to celebrate the Grand Ole’ Flag this year? Below are some fun and exciting ways to rejoice and reign in the home of the free and the land of the brave!


Use free social media platforms for success, and post away! Highlight your event, giveaway or special for the day….but don’t just stop with one post. Give your patron’s enough time to plan. With so many American’s having this day off, it’s important to give them ample heads up on your events. Start with a countdown to your event, and add a sneak peek of the sale you will offer, or what time fireworks start!


We all know the colors to decorate your restaurant with, but how can we take it up a notch? Set the tone from the minute they arrive- with colored lines for parking spaces, balloons in the entryway, or even red, white and blue colored flowers. Decorations don’t have to just be patriotic tablecloths or colored napkins. Consider frozen drink specials with a watermelon star adorned to it. Or dessert that represents the flag. Don’t forget that the name says it all! Consider words like “FIRECRACKER”, “SPARKLER” & “UNCLE SAM” when twisting up a classic.


“Land of the FREE!”…and that’s what people like! Now is a fun time to brand your business outside of the restaurant. Make sure when your guest heads out the door with their To-Go order or leftovers, they are leaving with your name too. Some fun gifts for the 4th of July are company- branded pocket fans, sunglasses, patriotic pens and more!


If your restaurant doesn’t typically serve all-American food, today is the day! Nothing says patriotism like a hot dog, burgers and grandma’s apple pie! Put the American touch on your best seller!


Millions of Americans are estimated to spend Independence Day with a large crowd. Be prepared! Expand your outside dining to accommodate everyone! Group discounts or family-style will help attract a family that wants to celebrate together.

So now that we have provided the tips, it’s time for you to make the FUN! Enjoy a safe and Happy 4th of July, in style of course!