Establishing a Food Safety Culture Webinar

As the evolution of food safety technology becomes more prevalent as companies make the transition from manual paper-based recording methods, food safety software is steadily evolving. In this webinar, John Sammon III, GM & Sr. VP SureCheck, explained how Food Safety Software is enabling companies to digitize their traditional analog best practices surrounding compliance, data collection, record keeping, and temperature monitoring.

Chris Gindorff, Senior Quality Assurance Manager at Lunds & Byerlys, shared his experiences of being a SureCheck customer while utilizing the software that has enabled his company to go digital while ensuring audit protection, increased visibility and employee accountability.

During the webinar, PAR was also excited to speak about the capabilities of the next generation of SureCheck software including one code base, configuration & reports and corrective alerts.

Other topics discussed during the webinar:

  • Retailers risk is rising – control supply chain risks
  • Look at how to track product more efficiently
  • Pay attention to controlling cold chain
  • FSMA – Big changes are here and continuously implemented
  • Strategic Plan for both Regulatory and Industry
  • Scientifically Set Standards and Practices
  • Consumer Health and Confidence

You can now watch the recording of the webinar by clicking below!