Customer Service and Support: Getting the Most Out of Your POS System

Customer service plays an integral role when it comes to buying, implementing and maintaining a restaurant POS system.

While some people might believe the process ends once the POS system has been installed, this is only one of many touch points along the buyer’s journey. 

Like any new technology, it helps to have a dedicated customer service team to help get the system off the ground, in place and running smoothly. From onboarding and customer success to technical support, field service and repairs, implementing your point of sale system should be a worthwhile investment. 


The onboarding process is an important step in every customer’s buying journey. This includes discovery, risk assessment, mitigation planning and outlining the overall scope of work that needs to be done. When coming to PAR, a customer will likely first touch base with the Project Management Organization team, whose job is to address issues and make sure every requirement is met before setting a plan in place. The team will also stay with the project to address new concerns and look for improvements that can be made. 

Solutions architects are also involved in the onboarding process, using their skills to provide store- or franchisee-level training through on-site, remote and computer-based lessons. By ensuring everyone understands how the POS system works, quick service and fast casual restaurants can ensure their guests are being treated to the best customer experience possible while also getting the most out of their investment. 

The onboarding process also includes the installation team, who will ensure the system is running smoothly once everything is set up. PAR’s technicians are specially trained to efficiently and professionally install each of our systems and will handle everything from permit research to cabling. 

Customer Success 

Once the system is deployed, our Customer Success team becomes a restaurant’s main point of contact. This team works alongside a number of other departments, including marketing, development and sales, and is meant to serve as a constant touchpoint throughout the life of the partnership. Their job is to identify what goals are important to each customer and work toward them in the most efficient way possible. 

Technical Support 

While no one wants to have problems with their POS system, it’s nice to know there’s a dedicated team standing by to help walk you through the troubleshooting process and get you back to business. Here at PAR, our Technical Support team is available 365 days a year and knows exactly how to fix your POS the first time. 

The PAR Technical Support team is capable of addressing issues remotely, monitoring network devices to ensure everything is working smoothly and keeping your systems up and running. This team also helps maintain the systems in your restaurant, handling any updates that might need to be made to keep your network secure and reliable. 

When it comes time to add a new menu item, loyalty program or promotion, it can sometimes be time consuming to get all that information in one place to track how sales are going. Whether it’s for one location or hundreds across a franchise, PAR’s Database Management team can troubleshoot these issues and can even push new menu items and other changes to stores throughout your network. That means everyone gets the same changes at the same time, reducing errors and allowing your restaurant to focus on the things that matter most to you. 

Service Repair 

As great as it would be to have everything work perfectly all the time, that isn’t always a possibility. However, if your machines do malfunction, it’s nice to know you have a team that has your back and will get you up and running quickly. PAR’s service repair team is an experienced group of people who can fix systems either at your restaurant or at our repair center.

When time is money, repairs need to be done right the first time, meaning that the people performing the work should be thorough and effective while still being fast. Our field service technicians have fully stocked vehicles, allowing them to perform on-site repairs with as little downtime for your terminal as possible. In cases where repairs need to be made off-site, PAR offers deport repair and advanced exchange services. 

Advanced exchange allows for restaurant operators to receive replacement equipment in as little as one day. Once the replacement equipment is installed and running, the broken parts can be sent back. In situations where the equipment isn’t needed in a hurry (if you’ve got a back-up system you can use), the repair depot is staffed with professional technicians who can diagnose, repair and send your equipment back once it’s ready to use. 

One-Stop Shopping Redefined 

There are very few POS providers who can say they offer customers a wholly unique one-on-one experience from start to finish. Keeping everything contained within one vendor allows you to focus on your customers and, ultimately, increasing your bottom line.

Whether it’s discovering what your options are when looking for a restaurant POS system, making necessary changes to your menu or getting needed repairs made to your equipment, having the power of a company that is skilled and experienced in each service area is important to your overall success.

It’s important to choose the right POS system for your operation. At the end of the day, it should be able to address every one of your needs and be able to grow with you and your business.

Ready to learn more? Check out our Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Guide, and begin your journey to better restaurant management today!

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