Company Culture Can Change With These 13 Simple Steps

I truly believe every company shares one common goal – businesses want to retract and obtain great talent.

People want good people not only working for them, but serving their community, training their staff and being a representation of their brand. So, ask yourself today “How can I better our Company’s Culture?” You don’t need to be a CEO or HR Director to implement these small but powerful and creative changes into your work place. You can propose a few ideas below and work with your company to make everything better and brighter this year!

Below are 13 fun, exciting and inexpensive ways to change your company culture

  1. Core Values. This is something that should be a staple in your establishment. From the interview process to the duration of employment. Your company’s core values should be accessible to each employee. Not only visually, but exemplified in everyday daily actions.
  2. Group Meals. You would be surprised how breaking bread with co-workers, the executive team or customers can be beneficial; especially when they are free! Plan an office luncheon or after-hours event and its an instant morale booster.
  3. Involve Employees More. When making everyday decisions that will change the entire workplace, involve employees. Some people spend more time in their workplace than in their own homes. So, when you want to change up a break-room or need input on the company party – ask for help from your workforce.
  4. Keep the path of communication open. Weekly or even monthly newsletters will keep your employee’s in the know. Nothing is worse than hearing something from someone else. Release information at the same time to your whole staff. Give each department a chance to weigh in too. Announce victories, losses, life and family events, etc.; whatever is relevant to your audience.
  5. Notes of Gratitude. While this might seem like a task that you do often, try doing it with pen and paper. Don’t be so quick to send your employee a happy gram via email. Take the time to send them a personalized card or note. Maybe your establishment already has something in place, but can everyone see it? If someone did great work or tried their best to help make an improvement, it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Is there a common area where you can leave notes of gratitude in your company? If not, find a corner, purchase some blank Thank You notes and start this inexpensive smile maker.
  6. Employ Wellness. Exercise and better living offers so much to so many. Not just yourself, but the people around you. Schedule daily walks as a team, reimbursement for a gym membership, company garden or even a quiet place to relieve some energy…or stress!
  7. Shape your space. Your office, lobby, and seating areas reflect your company, the people and product. Be artistic and express yourself, your brand and your employees in these common areas. After all, meetings, gatherings and conference calls can be a lot more motivating if they are surrounded with your company’s core values, fun colors and comfortable chairs.
  8. Office Hobby. Find something that everyone can do. Whether its ping pong, kick ball, a pool table, trivia or a card game – start an office league. This friendly competitive activity is fun for everyone. This gets different departments talking and interacting with a positive and upbeat pastime.
  9. We don’t need a certificate or fancy wooden plaque. What about an incentive program for saving the company money, reporting something that doesn’t sit right with you or for just doing a good job? Put programs in place that are setup for success. Have clear regulations about the reward for making a work place safer, or reporting something that went against your code of conduct. This will not only save the company money, but it will make it a much happier work place.
  10. Surveys are key. But dig deep in these surveys. Ask those challenging questions and see what your staff thinks. Take questions from several different co-workers on all different levels of management. After a large project is done, company meeting or even holiday party, hit send on that survey. The faster you get those out, the faster you can keep the change in place or make it better.
  11. Nothing is more rewarding than giving back. Hurdle your team together to volunteer and give back. Big or small, it is a great way to get together as a crew and give support to others. Being active in your community is a large part of how others perceive your company, too.
  12. Offer Training. There are so many different training opportunities to help your employees grow professionally and personally. It doesn’t necessarily have to be training on products your company offers. Offer something different like communication training to learn how to ask for help, how to communicate to a higher level of management, how to keep your work place safe, etc. There are outside training programs that everyone can learn from and bridge the gap between those hard conversations and everyday questions.
  13. Celebrate big and small victories. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive. What about playing a song when you get a big win? Or ringing a bell when you get all those twitter followers? Find a common spot in your company that everyone can congregate and celebrate together!

We are confident once you start implementing a few of these changes you will start to notice a more positive atmosphere. Remember you must work hard to reap the benefits of success and fun. But don’t be afraid to play a little too. After all, we are all in this together! For the great good of the company and to keep all those valuable and dedicated employees.

Can’t wait to see how you transform your company culture in 2019!