Cloud POS Software: Why it Absolutely Has To Be On Your Menu

It’s important to understand the many benefits that come with a cloud-based POS software solution, and why it is critical to success in today’s digital world.

The restaurant industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. Operators are facing a larger variety of challenges to compete in today’s marketplace than ever before, such as stricter payment security requirements, shifting customer demands and exponential growth among brands. A cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution is a tool that can help restaurant operators maintain a competitive edge and adapt to these changes.

The cloud simply refers to software and services that are hosted via the internet instead of a traditional back-office computer. Data is stored in massive centers dedicated to this purpose and is accessible anywhere to users with web access. Implementing a cloud-based POS solution gives restaurant operators the ability to act quickly with real-time, actionable data to improve restaurant operations and overall guest experiences.

Staying Current with Security and Compliance Regulations 

One of the most challenging obstacles for restaurant operators today is protecting business and customer data against payment security breaches. On October 1, 2015, a liability shift occurred for restaurants. Issuers or merchants who do not support Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) technology now assume liability for identity theft and counterfeit fraud transactions. EMV is one part of a larger security strategy. Cloud-based, offsite storage provides a secure, centralized location for business and customer data.

Without a server in the back office of each restaurant, the risk of a security breach is greatly decreased. Additionally, authorized upgrades are automatically pushed to the cloud POS software as soon as it’s available, so the latest version is always running.

Meeting Customers’ Expectations and Demands 

The cloud is not just a technology platform that restaurant operators can use to meet current demands. It is part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers. Consumers expect conveniences such as:

  • Curbside takeout
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Online ordering
  • Text message ordering
  • In-store tablets
  • Line busting
  • Pay-at-table devices
  • Future ordering
  • Mobile payment options

With cloud POS solutions, restaurant operators are prepared to quickly implement the latest technology guests want by integrating easy-to-use and cost-effective third-party platforms.

Growing with a Business

Modern, cloud-based architectures are designed to fit the needs of a multi-unit operator, scale and grow with a business, and easily manage operations – no matter the number of locations. An enterprise POS solution provides effective menu management and reporting across multiple units all from one location.

Cloud POS software solutions are easy to deploy and can be implemented through remote installation and training, saving time, money and IT resources. More and more restaurant operators are choosing to self-install, which saves even more time and money on expensive install resources and on-site visits from the provider.

With advancing industry regulations and ever-changing consumer expectations, businesses must continue to grow and adapt to remain successful and competitive. For one location or 1,000, implementing a cloud-based POS solution can help drive businesses to new heights.

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