Cloud POS Deployment – What You Need to Know

Cloud POS systems help restaurant owners manage and grow their business by giving them real-time access to the most important information.

If you are new to cloud-based POS systems, here are some things you need to know before deploying your system.

Rest Assured, Your Cloud is Secure

Any good business owner would be curious to know just how their data, including their customer’s private information, is kept safe online.

Here’s how it works: cloud POS software, like Brink, integrates with your POS hardware to communicate over the internet to a remote server that stores your data. In other words, you no longer have to drive to your restaurant to access that “C” drive on your back-office computer; it’s online 24/7/365.

You can access this data just like you access your bank account or credit card statement online; through a secure portal that has multiple levels of protection. Your data is encrypted, which means it is converted into code to prevent unauthorized access, and your remote server is routinely backed up automatically.

Some argue that cloud-based POS systems offer more security since an in-house server is vulnerable to theft, individual hackers, fire, flood, and other natural disasters. Instead, the cloud keeps data highly secure.

Loyalty Comes Built-in

Loyalty programs, also known as rewards programs, keep customers coming back for more. Now that you are deploying a cloud POS system, managing your loyalty program will be easier than ever.

Here’s how PAR Brink POS software makes managing loyalty programs a breeze:

  • You can create and design a promotion at one location, and deploy it instantly to all locations to ensure brand-wide continuity.
  •  Customer data is immediately accessible at all locations, so if there is a question about points or purchase history, the cloud provides the current data you need.
  • Built-in loyalty programs allow you to track other important facts about your customer, like their birthday, favorite dish, and their order history.
  •  Loyalty information is available in-store, online, and is mobile-friendly.
  • You can fully customize a loyalty program with options for automatic emails, guest surveys, text messaging, and more!

If you have multiple locations, loyalty program data is synced in real-time across all locations, allowing for easy enterprise management.

You Will Spend Less Time Managing Your POS

Yes, it’s true. Cloud POS software automatically updates as needed and, since it is a subscription as a service (SaaS), it is the vendor’s responsibility should any issues arise.

Say goodbye to upgrading your hardware to “fit” your software. POS software solutions like Brink easily integrate with legacy systems so you can keep the hardware you have already. Since it’s the same hardware, there’s no need for additional training for staff, meaning they spend more time on the floor making you money.

Cloud-based POS solutions are also scalable to fit your needs. They are fully customizable and will grow with your business now, and 10 years from now when you add 20 locations across the map, allowing for easy enterprise management.

Your new cloud-based POS solution will propel your business forward by giving you the real-time information you need to manage it effectively, and the technology required to deliver an amazing customer experience. Software solutions, like Brink, are secure in the cloud and offer benefits to positively impact your business.

PAR’s modern Brink POS software keeps customer data safe and secure in the cloud. Restaurants that deployed Brink can effectively integrate with online/mobile ordering and loyalty programs, along with fast, easy software updates. Its monthly payment SaaS model means there are no long-term commitments!