Cinco de Mayo Brings the Heat as Restaurants Take Advantage of Digital Loyalty and Personalized Offers

Although it isn’t a major holiday in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is rooted in rich history.

Although it isn’t a major holiday in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is rooted in rich history. Originally celebrated to honor Mexico’s victory over France during the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, the day has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture. People typically celebrate the day with parades, festivals, and a ton of delicious food like tacos, pozole, and burritos. The largest festivals in the U.S. take place in cities like Los Angeles and Houston.  

The day is even celebrated in the White House. President Biden got involved by ordering from Washington DC restaurant Taqueria las Gamelas. While stopping to pick up food, the 46th president surprised the eatery with some good news, saying they were the first restaurant in the country to receive funds through the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Brands Bounced Back in 2021

Following a tough year that prevented people from going out and celebrating, this year restaurants went out of their way to offer customers deals on everything from free burritos to discounted margaritas. Thankfully, our friends at Punchh were ready to help concepts make the most of Cinco de Mayo by connecting them with their guests through special promotions and marketing campaigns. 

The day did not disappoint, either! Punchh’s platform helped 20 brands reach millions of guests, resulting in more than 5 million total offers redeemed. But that’s not all! Click here to visit Punchh’s blog and see all their delicious Cinco de Mayo stats.

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