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Think about your back-office systems, including those used for purchasing, accounts payable, inventory management and recipe and menu engineering. What do they look like? Are they standalone systems, or are they fully integrated? Do these systems communicate seamlessly with one another? Do some talk to one another, while others can’t? How is data shared among

Building Customer Loyalty Using Your Restaurant POS System

If you’ve operated a restaurant for more than 20 minutes, you’ve probably learned that in order to keep living your dream, you’re going to need customers to spend money. They can’t just be one-and-done customers, either. According to one study out of Harvard, increasing repeat customer numbers by as little as 5% can boost your profits between 25

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends

Make a list of the technology systems you presently utilize to run your business.  Add to that list types of systems you would like to implement.  This simple exercise is getting more complicated! As restaurant technology (and technology in general) has changed over the last few years the landscape of systems you rely on to

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends

There has always been 3 ways to grow sales:  more guests, more often and at a higher spend. As a previous restaurant operator (now data hound) it has only become more obvious that frequency is king over the other two. And in fact, one of those other two may actually be negatively impacting future visits.


We have not been in this industry for a very long time, but we have learned some valuable insights while working with our clients. When we started out integrating 3rd party online ordering platforms, we usually saw clients accepting orders from 1 or 2 different platforms. Now, almost 20 months into this business we are

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

In PAR Technology’s 2019 Trends Report, delivery was identified as one of the top trends that will influence the way consumers expect to receive their food, and the way restaurant owners set up their operations to accommodate this trend. Many restaurant segments (QSR, fast casual, and casual dining) are beginning to focus on delivery, as