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QSROnline’s responsive INVENTORY & FOOD COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTION will help you create and maintain detailed recipes to accurately compare what you’re spending to what you’re selling, and pinpoint potential problem areas like improper portioning, counting errors, employee theft, and waste, that may be causing variances. Eliminate manual invoice entry with automated vendor invoices and always

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I know my COGS numbers, now what? The restaurant industry has historically managed their teams to the Actual COGS numbers.  The age old equation, Beginning Inventory + Purchases – Ending Inventory = Usage. Usage/Sales=COGS. The most successful operators understand this is only part of the equation.  Understanding the Theoretical Cost or “perfect performance” and how far away the team is from

PAR Pay for Restaurant POS Software

A new customer walks into your restaurant. Within minutes, they’re seated, and they’ve placed their order. You dazzle them with quick service, enthusiasm, and great food. They’re already excited to recommend this new discovery to their friends. You’ve basically made it! Then it comes time to pay. For most dine-in restaurants, this is the last

Restaurant Labor

Profit margins are tight in the restaurant industry and reducing labor costs is one way to make your restaurant successful. However, laying off workers and paying minimum wage aren’t necessarily the best long-term solutions. There are other ways to cut corners and make your restaurant more profitable and efficient. Here are the labor cost goals

Franchise POS

Multi-Unit operators in food retailing have a unique challenge: creating consistency in hundreds if not thousands of locations, in different states and in different countries.   The original concept was most likely created in a single location under the control and care of the founder. So, how do you ensure that store #787 at an