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One of the benefits of the RFID tag is that it requires the employee to go to the location of the tag to interrogate the temperature data from the tag. Why is RFID capability important for Food Safety? RFID capability can be used for both temperature and location measurements. With respect to location measurements, the RFID sensors,

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C-stores are beginning to seek alternatives from the slimmer margins of gas and cigarettes. In 2016, the industry saw a 9.2% drop in fuel sale. Ah, convenience stores, pleasantly reeking of greasy hotdogs, gasoline, and cigarette fumes from the miserable 17-year old cashier outside neglecting the line. That’s generally the perception, right? Well, not anymore!

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More grocers are turning to digital offerings, like offering mobile apps to better serve customer needs. Localization In attempts to reduce waste and increase visibility, grocers are looking to localize their product assortments. Whether they garner these products from within their market or a predetermined radius, they can increase traceability best practices while appealing to

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A recent study presented at the 2017 Food Safety Summit raised concerns about pathogens, packaging, and labeling and cold-chain integrity affecting home deliveries. It’s that time of the year again, when the holiday season is upon us, Christmas concerts are scheduled for every day of the week, college aged children are coming home for holiday

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Scan & Go is great for convenience, but if you’re in even more of a rush then this technology is great. Like most people, I enjoy eating. However, unlike most people, I actually enjoy the grocery shopping process. Typically, I go hungry while envisioning the endless possibilities of what I could make for dinner. Of

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The time of year is upon us – You know, when nearly everyone within an office setting starts saying, “I can’t believe summer is almost over!” or “How is it almost September already!” Well, you see, the natural progression of the calendar places September right after August so that’s how. Not that I’m an expert