Best Practices in POS Deployment

Restaurant POS deployment can be a daunting task. PAR’s support services can assist customers through this process, making it an easy and streamlined process.

Adopting new technology can be intimidating for restaurant owners. Especially if you don’t fully understand how to best implement them.

Transitioning to a new POS solution is a big deal. It requires research, investment, configuration, deployment and training. Plus, it requires both owners and operators to understand how to best use the tools – from front-end use, to back-end tracking and reporting. Leveraging an easy-to-use, and better yet, easy-to-learn POS solution is critical for busy, fast casual and quick service restaurants.

PAR wants to make the deployment process easier. See below for some best practices on ways to alleviate the pain and struggle when deploying a new POS solution.

Project Manager

For any new product or service, it’s great to have one point of contact who can help with all of your needs. That’s why at PAR, we assign a dedicated project manager for every POS deployment. Project managers create a timeline with achievable milestones that are easy to track, ensuring the process is carried out smoothly. Project managers, along with customer input, help organize menu development and oversee employee training.

Our POS deployment services offer support to both large and small customers alike. Regardless of size, we follow the same methodology. Our project managers are fully engaged and quickly move through our proven process with training tools including quick reference guides, end user manuals, one-on-one web sessions, and the PAR University Online courses that are available 24/7.


PAR’s installation services is a highly trained group of professionals who provide hardware and software installations to new and existing PAR customers. We install full systems to integrate with point of sale and peripheral equipment.

Once a menu has been determined and developed into the software, we commence a rigorous testing and debugging procedure. This step also provides another opportunity for employees to receive further training with the new restaurant POS system. In fact, how quickly a product goes live depends on the restaurant’s participation and willingness to learn the system. Our customers will be expected to carry out some duties during the installation and deployment process.

Some include:

  • Cabling that is installed and properly terminated.
  • Instructions for placement of each POS device, which can include drawings, constructions plans, photos, or markings.
  • Power must be available at the installation location of each POS device.
  • Ethernet cable run from the location of each IP enabled POS device to a central location.

For restaurants with multiple locations (chains, franchises, enterprise), a pilot store is determined to test-launch the new software. Like with anything, you can practice all you want, but success is determined on the field – or in this case, in the restaurant. The pilot store ensures that employees are ready to use the product in a real-life, fast-moving situation. Depending on the amount of locations a restaurant has, PAR may suggest a secondary pilot store, as well.

Ongoing Services

Okay, testing went well. Employees at the pilot store love the new restaurant POS system and lines are moving faster than ever. For us, that doesn’t mean our job is over. Your project manager will consistently check in with restaurant operators for progress updates. Feel free to share any questions, requests, complaints, or data reports with your project manager. Keeping them in the loop will make the process even easier.

We like to think of ourselves as a “one-stop-shop” POS provider. We’re with our customers from problem identification, to purchase, to deployment – supporting them every step of the way. Every restaurant has different point of sale needs. We develop custom solutions that are perfect for you and your staff. Our support center works tirelessly to solve issues, so customers can continue to efficiently run store operations and avoid downtime. We provide customer service and technical support, and allow you to resolve issues quickly from a single point of contact.

At PAR, we understand that POS deployment can be a nerve-wracking experience without the right support. Lean on us for not only your POS hardware and software needs, but also deployment and technical support. A quick and easy POS deployment process can save you time and money.

Since 1978, PAR has been helping restaurant and retail customers put technology to work to improve operations, enhance customer experience, and better manage data and information. With POS  systems in more than 75,000 restaurants in 110 countries, PAR is redefining point of sale to bring technological innovation to all corners of the enterprise. PAR offers POS software Brink and PixelPoint, and POS hardware EverServ.