Benefits of Teaming Up with Vendors for Event Success

Did you ever consider hosting an event in your restaurant? I don’t mean a birthday party, wedding or retirement party! I am talking a large community event to benefit others. While it’s a grand idea, the planning can be simple, easy and fun! Pairing up with your vendors can take away a lot of the stress when it comes to planning and raising awareness.

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By reaching out to vendors you work with daily (beverage providers, manufacturing suppliers, food distributors) you can captivate a larger audience. By having your sponsors for this event invite their clientele, community, family and friends you are reaching a far greater network than what you already have. This could be a great time to get guests to join your loyalty program too, which will allow you to reward them for their continued business and give you better insights into your guest’s habits and preferences. Your restaurant POS software can help you manage all of this.


We all want another share, like or follow right? Think about when your support system can share the event on a social platform. This can create a frenzy in the social media world. This gets more publicity for the event along with additional FREE exposure. Create images for your sponsors to share with – make it easy and quick. Publishing the community event online, your vendors can easily invite, share and comment all in one place! Don’t forget the #HASHTAG.


Picking a charity or cause to support is going to be a big part of your success and achievement. Having a clear vision with goals, budget, and needs will help you pick the perfect non-profit to support for this event. Allow your vendors to give feedback on where they would like to see their support dollars go. Is there a company local right in your restaurants community that you can support? Allow your employees to give feedback too! Make everyone feel involved while hosting this impactful event.

Next time you plan a benefit or fundraiser at your restaurant, consider looping in key vendors to make for even more success, awareness and dollars raised. Remember, have fun planning this event. Work as a team and remember you overall goal. This is a great activity to tie in your community, employees and restaurant environment.

Happy Planning!