Benefits of Establishing a Social Media Policy for Your Brand

We are living in a Digital Era. In 2019, the Internet is arguably the single most influential factor of our culture; transforming the way we view communication, relationships, and even ourselves.

Social media platforms have evolved to symbolize status of both individuals and businesses alike and have become the preferred vertical for advertisement. Utilizing social media to create brand awareness, drive revenue, engage current customers, and create new ones isn’t optional anymore, it’s an absolute must.

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This is why having a formalized social media policy that outlines how an organization and its employees should handle themselves online is very important. It can help safeguard your brand’s reputation while also encouraging employees to responsibly share your company’s message. Creating conversation around social media use as it pertains to work life will help your team better understand the organization’s expectations of its use on company time. A clearly defined policy can help mitigate risks associated with social media use and help educate your company on how to best utilize within a business setting.

Brand Reputation

A social media policy communicates expectations of how the company’s name and brand should be represented within a social media setting. The policy allows for an opportunity to voice how best to represent your company, including what is and isn’t appropriate to share online from employees. Your employees are an extension of the brand and their actions online can be a direct reflection of the brand. Define those expectations to protect your brand and its reputation.

Security and Legal Risks

These policies can help safeguard your organization against potential legal trouble and the steps on how to avoid them. Your company’s social media policy should explain what an employee should do if they were to inadvertently put the company’s reputation at risk or come under a malicious viral attack. Employees may not be aware of how their actions online may compromise company security. Help to educate them on how a simple click on a downloaded application can potentially result in a virus infection on their computer and network.

Empowering Employees

An organization’s team is its greatest asset. Empower those within your team to be responsible, champions of the brand. It is now more important than ever to share photos of your food, menu and restaurant to attract customers to your establishment. If they see a drool-worthy photo on your Instagram account, there’s a good chance they will be stopping by soon. So, encourage employees to take photos to share on your social media accounts. They may even have some great ideas on how to make your restaurant stand out from your competitors, too!

Customer Satisfaction

With streamlined best practices for your social media platforms, you can also satisfy your customers and simultaneously highlight your brand in a positive manner. Each customer interaction via your social media platforms gives your business the opportunity to publicly demonstrate your consideration and relatability for them. Be sure to quickly respond to any negative comments/reviews you may receive and offer to make it right. Invite them back to your restaurant for dinner on the house or send them a gift card. Showing publicly that it is important that all guests leave your restaurant happy will show the pride you take in your business and menu. It’s always a good idea to thank customers for their positive feedback, also and even share their post on your social account.

The Digital Age we live in will only continue to evolve as times goes on. Social media and digital technology is continually changing, so to ensure your brand is keeping up with the competition, be sure to review your company’s stance and policy on a regular basis.

*Content updated on February 28, 2019.