Author: Maureen Hurley

Maureen is a high-energy senior level technology professional credited with architecting the creative business technologies that catapulted the internationally recognized Chobani in redefining the entire Greek Yogurt industry and revitalized the NYS dairy industry. Her technological and business acumen, coupled with her belief in transforming business models, allow her to visualize and create business roadmaps focused on a business’ core competencies by eliminating waste and improved total cost of ownership. She founded Dynamic Acuity in order to utilize her unique skills, form strategic partnerships and leadership towards successful implementation of IT projects or upgrades in areas of Manufacturing and Business Intelligence. Currently, Maureen known as “Mo”, is leading the Information Technology transformation efforts at PAR Technology Corporation by implementing systems of intelligence. Maureen applies her energy outside the business world by actively participating in the NYS Special Olympics. As an avid athlete, she has ran in and finished many 5k, 10K and ½ Marathon events to raise money for charitable organizations across NYS. Maureen chooses to live in upstate New York, enjoying the waters of New York State, kayaking, and photographing the beautiful sunsets and wildlife abundant in the area. A humanitarian, who cares deeply about people and the environment.

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I was blessed to have grown up in a household where I was encouraged to work hard and chase my dreams.  No matter what I decided to do in this world, the main objective should be to be happy. Riches come in many flavors, it does not always translate to making lots of money.  We