Author: Melanie Bradley

Melanie Bradley is the Product Marketing Specialist for PAR’s POS Restaurant Technology platform. Melanie holds a Master's degree from Florida State University in Humanities with a minor in English and Creative Writing. She works extensively with the Product Management Team to create product messaging, conduct competitive research on product positioning, and creating launch plans to bring hardware, software and service products to market. Melanie is a certified Yoga instructor, an avid CrossFitter and an adventure enthusiast.

The ROI of IoT

On December 4th, PAR hosted a webinar highlighting the newest addition to our SureCheck Food Safety platform, called PAR IoT, which is a complete digital remote monitoring platform to protect key investments for restaurants, and food operators.   In this webinar, Barb Sullivan, PAR Technology’s Senior Product Manager for SureCheck, and Jim Gelose, PAR’s Senior

Restaurant POS Guide

Here at PAR Technology, we consider ourselves experts in the restaurant industry, and one thing is for certain: after 40 years, we KNOW restaurant technology. This fast, solution-driven guide contains everything you need to know to choose the right POS system for your restaurant. It takes a truly courageous sort to make it in the

Brink POS Software

Brink’s Integrations Ecosystem Value Proposition Freedom of choice!  In today’s restaurant technology environment, there are more choices than ever before.  Not just in the world of point of sale systems, inventory management, loyalty programs, peripherals, data analytics, and enterprise reporting to name a few, but in all verticals and markets surrounding the restaurant industry; which

Food Safety IOT

Food Safety standards are rising across the globe. With the supply chain of ingredients under the microscope like never before, implementing preventative measures to combat foodborne illnesses and to meet industry regulations is now more important than ever. Food suppliers and food retailers must focus on protecting their customers. The introduction of Food Safety Modernization

Restaurant POS Software ebook

To claim that the evolution of the point of sale has been “significant” over the years would be a vast understatement. The simplistic days of a cash register, a pad, pen and paper are infinitely in the past. In our culture today, a POS system can be the catalyst to a business’s success, or the

Restaurant POS Software Loyalty

An Interview with Paul Rubin, Chief of Strategy, PAR Technology What do consumers expect from loyalty programs now that was not a requirement years ago? Loyalty programs in the restaurant industry began as highly transactional programs. Participation typically followed a model in which something of value was given away in exchange for the customer signing