Author: Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson is the Product Marketing Specialist for the PAR SureCheck platform. Jordan uses his background in sales and marketing to develop key messaging for SureCheck products and to discuss important issues regarding food safety; with the ultimate goal being to educate others on the dangers and consequences of improper food safety practice.

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We used to be hunter-gatherers, but now we’ve become a shopper-tracker society. We can track most anything these days: package shipments and marathon runners, as well as the geo-location of ships, trains and airplanes on the screens of our mobile phones. We can even see when our ride service car is about to turn the

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PAR is excited to announce the release of its new SureCheck 10.0! SureCheck 10.0 possesses advanced functionality that will enhance the user experience when automating food safety and task management operations. Its customized software will allow organizations to personalize checklist workflows to achieve internal food safety requirements. It allows the flexibility to alert users when

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On April 15th, The New York Times reported that a North Carolina poultry producer had recalled more than 200 million eggs after an outbreak of salmonella. Eggs from the Hyde County farm were sold to restaurants and in supermarkets in nine states. The Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) estimates that salmonella infections — the vast

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No restaurant or business intends for a foodborne illness to happen, but unfortunately today, they’re very prevalent.  Major food distributors and businesses alike cringe when they hear their products are responsible for an outbreak. Take the recent FDA report on a farm linked to a major egg recall. A farm in North Carolina linked to

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A news story can be unnerving. A Cleveland, Ohio Fertility Clinic experienced an unexpected temperature fluctuation in the storage bank when a refrigerated storage unit and a sensor failed, potentially damaging eggs and embryos. Here in the freezer-full food business (storage, preparation and delivery), even the advanced technology involving IoT Food Safety could have performance

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How to Create Efficiency, Exactness and Economies of scale Driven by Food Safety legislation, but equally concerned with the consumer experience and preserving brand value, Food Safety Monitoring (FSM) has evolved into a sophisticated tool for restaurants and retail outlets. FSM ensures that potentially hazardous ingredients are identified and eliminated from products and meals, that

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The Business Benefits of adopting Mobile IoT Solutions The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer in the realm of science fiction; it’s as pervasive as the smartphone and the selfie stick. As reported in CIO, the research firm Gartner predicts there will be nearly 20 billion devices connected to the IoT by 2020. Think of the IoT in terms

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Training Staff on Food Safety Monitoring We all went to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of us moved on to college to study food science, hospitality and management. Others hold advanced degrees in highly-sophisticated fields. Yet few of us ever formally studied Food Safety Management (FSM), which is now pervasive in almost

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76% of restaurateurs are looking for labor management tools in their restaurant POS software. – NRA The restaurant POS industry has been rapidly changing since its inception into the foodservice workplace. While 2017 brought many innovative products and services, 2018 promises to build off that with even more disruption. While self-service kiosks have continued to