Author: John Latini

John Latini is the Marketing Specialist at PAR Technology. John is responsible for demand generation for the North America Sales teams and uses his creative background to execute campaigns around email marketing, telemarketing, pre and post tradeshow activities, and more.

A photo of bundled asparagus.

Cheap peanut oil marketed as extra virgin olive oil. Melamine in milk. White tuna sushi that’s actually escolar, a toxic fish that’s banned in Japan. Food fraud is more common than most people think! Food fraud is the intentional mislabeling of a food product, usually for the purpose of economic gain. This can happen in

convenience store food safety

At what point did consumers decide to drive right past the colorful signs and convenient drive-through lanes of national food chains, and opt for dinner from the grocery store and the gas station? That tipping point is telling. It might have to do with consumers seeking convenience (fill the tank, grab a sub) or variety