Author: Jaclyn Grace

Jaclyn Grace is the PR Specialist at PAR Technology. Jaclyn ensures PAR is effectively promoted in industry publications globally and writes press releases and company updates to keep shareholders and investors up to date on company information.

Customer Service

No matter how good your product is, if you have poor customer service that will always leave a lasting impression on your customers. Think about it… you order your favorite product from your favorite website and one day it comes in damaged. You call or email customer service to get this fixed and they don’t

Restaurant Labor

Profit margins are tight in the restaurant industry and reducing labor costs is one way to make your restaurant successful. However, laying off workers and paying minimum wage aren’t necessarily the best long-term solutions. There are other ways to cut corners and make your restaurant more profitable and efficient. Here are the labor cost goals

restaurant online ordering

From McDonalds to small restaurants, more and more restaurants are taking advantage of online ordering. Easy and efficient for both the customer and the restaurant, online ordering is a tool that every restaurant should consider.  Need proof? Here are the top eight benefits of online ordering:  1. Almost any restaurant can benefit from online ordering   Do

PR crisis blog

“Responsible leadership should include crisis prevention, preparation and a calm, straightforward approach to communication in the event that a PR disaster must be weathered.” – Forbes They say, “any PR is good PR.” There is some truth to this, but wouldn’t you prefer that the conversation about your brand be positive? We have seen a

kitchen ready blog

Just when you think you have the latest and greatest technology implemented in your restaurant, something new comes out. Today, you have to always think ahead and be willing to adapt. As everything moves to the cloud, more and more technology is going to be impacted, including how your kitchen operates. POS software is often