Author: Gino Geruntino

Gino Geruntino is a Marketing Specialist for PAR, helping drive leads for PAR’s hardware and software products. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Utica College of Syracuse University. When he isn’t working, you'll likely find Gino hiking the trails near his home or trying out a few new recipes.

Restaurant Technology – Is Financing Smarter Than Paying Cash?

Warren Buffett once offered some concise and simple advice to help people grow our businesses and, in general, live their lives.  “Rule number one: never lose money,” Buffett said. “Rule number two: never forget rule number one.”  When it comes to buying new technology to support your restaurant’s operations, it’s always best to pay cash, right? The conventional thinking is that financing adds a stream of interest expense to

Building Customer Loyalty Using Your Restaurant POS System

If you’ve operated a restaurant for more than 20 minutes, you’ve probably learned that in order to keep living your dream, you’re going to need customers to spend money. They can’t just be one-and-done customers, either. According to one study out of Harvard, increasing repeat customer numbers by as little as 5% can boost your profits between 25