Author: Danielle Padula

Danielle Padula is the Corporate Event Planner at PAR Technology and manages all tradeshows, conferences, and corporate meetings in the US and international. Danielle is very active in the community and enjoys making each event a true experience.

Improve Company Culture

I truly believe every company shares one common goal – businesses want to retract and obtain great talent. People want good people not only working for them, but serving their community, training their staff and being a representation of their brand. So, ask yourself today “How can I better our Company’s Culture?” You don’t need to


With so many tradeshows, conferences and business trips on top of your normal work and family responsibilities, it’s hard to decide which shows are worth attending. So. we are going to break it down for you and make it super simple as to why you should secure your badge and book your travel to Vegas

murtec blog

MURTEC is unlike the typical food shows. Specifically for multi-location restaurants, MURTEC showcases all the hottest technology hitting the hospitality industry. The MURTEC tradeshow is approaching fast and we are looking forward to connecting to many familiar faces. MURTEC is the “gold standard’ for restaurant tech education, networking and solutions. This year’s show is April 11-13 at