All Sizes Aren’t Created Equal – Choosing the Right POS Hardware

The first question to ask when choosing the right POS terminal is: “Where will the hardware be located?” There are more options than you think.

You’ve researched everything regarding your new POS terminal. The cost is affordable, it has all the features you need, and the deployment process appears seamless. The one factor you’re forgetting?

How big is this thing?!

In other words, how much counter or restaurant space can you afford to install your POS hardware. Imagine buying your dream car, only to get home and realize it doesn’t fit in your garage! In order to avoid this scenario, be sure to investigate and compare the different sizes that are available for POS terminals.

POS Terminals

The first question to ask when choosing the right POS terminal is: “Where will the hardware be located?” There are more options than you think. Aside from the obvious point of purchase check-out location (the place where customers place their orders), don’t forget about drive-thru POS terminals, kitchen hardware, back-office terminals and more. These locations often require more compact terminals and hardware due to their restricted space.

Your POS hardware affects your customers more than you think. Depending on your business and theme, you want to present a certain look or feel to your customers. (Maybe you want to avoid having them see your terminals altogether!) A bulky POS terminal may defeat that purpose. Do you want your customers interacting with the terminal? Make sure it’s easy to reach and large enough for everyone to read. How does it bend? Can it be wall-mounted? Is it low profile? Different types of placement and ergonomic features will help you make the right decision.

POS Tablets Tablet and mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems have become all the rage in the restaurant industry today. And for good reason. Not only does it show a restaurant is devoted toward innovation and new technology, it provides simplicity to both employees and customers.

Just like consumer tablets, POS tablets come in various sizes that provide varying features and benefits. If your employees are on-the-go throughout the day and running around constantly, it’s better to purchase a smaller tablet that is easier to handle. This also works for employees who carry various items (plates, products, orders).

Larger POS tablets are ideal for behind-the-scene employees who have less frequent contact with customers. Think managers, data analyzers, financial employees and more. They have the space and ability to hold a larger tablet that has a larger display screen. That larger screen shows important data that allows them to make important business decisions.

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No, robots and machines are not taking all restaurant jobs. However, self-service POS checkouts and ordering screens have become more and more popular due to speed and efficiency. As the digital age continues to grow, it’s no secret that the general public is much more comfortable not interacting with other people. Texts and emails have replaced in-person conversations and phone calls – the restaurant industry must keep pace with its customers.

Many restaurants have adopted on-table POS tablets. Tabletop ordering not only engages customers and provides an enhanced experience, it also allows customers to pay and print receipts without the assistance of a waitress. Beyond that, these devices also even allow customers to play games while they wait for their food to be cooked or prepared.

Self-checkout point of sale terminals piggyback off the same idea that today’s consumers would rather avoid all human interaction if possible. It doesn’t hurt that they’re impressively efficient, too. These terminals can range in size from a few inches on your counter that face the customers, to multiple feet tall from the ground up to eye-level. It all depends on your store/restaurant’s layout and theme.

You wouldn’t buy a car that doesn’t fit in your garage. And you wouldn’t buy a television that doesn’t fit in your living room. So take the time to size up the various POS hardware that’s available to you and choose the ones that best fit your restaurant space and style.

With more than 35 years of experience in POS hardware, PAR’s EverServ series provides restaurants with a powerful design able to enhance guest experience through ergonomic positions, and maximize performance with the latest Intel technology. PAR’s sophisticated platform is offered in various models and all are fully customizable to suit your business needs. PAR provides POS hardware to more than 50,000 restaurants in 110 countries worldwide. To learn more about our EverServ technology, and its ability to integrate with biometric technology, click below!