A Letter from our CEO

Our brand promise is to deliver the solutions that connect people to the restaurants, meals and moments they love. Today our customers, the global restaurant community, are on the front lines trying to feed a community who is scared, uncertain and looking for comfort. You’re delivering the food and moments our society desperately needs to keep moving forward. We at PAR want to hold true to our promise and be your partner in delivering those meals. There is no better time to hold us to our promise.

As restaurants brace for slowing traffic, we expect off-premise dining, online ordering and delivery to become higher priorities. Restaurants will need to find ways to serve customers in this new environment, while managing labor cost and their own supply chains. We are proactively working with our integration ecosystem partners to enable quick deployment of digital and off-premise ordering solutions and aggressive programs to offset the financial constraints our customers are feeling. As consumers avoid physical restaurants, the drive-thru will likely receive increased attention and we will rise to the occasion.

There is nothing I can say that will make any of this craziness better, but I do know one thing: This too shall pass. Humanity always prospers forward, and it will again today. In the last 100 years our world has lived through terrible wars, nuclear weapons, terrorism, disease and so much more. Every single time, the fearful have faded and the optimists have won. That will certainly be the case this time as well.

With gratitude,

Savneet Singh